Sticker Kicker, Flip Balm, OMG Super Morigami & More | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The duo team of Craig & Ryland Petty returned this week with another brand new Magic Review Show. This week they are looking at Sticker Kicker, Red Pill, Blue Pill, OMG Super Morigami and Flip Balm. Each of these tricks are examined, performed and given an honest rating.

Sticker Kicker, Flip Balm, OMG Super Morigami & More | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The Magic Review Show is the perfect opportunity to learn firsthand about the newest magic products released. Craig & Ryland perform each routine, explain the process and give their own individual ratings. Like it or hate it you will know. Neither magician is associated with a third party company. All of their ratings are strictly their own. Let's break down each product.

Sticker Kicker

The first product Craig & Ryland reviewed on this week's show is Sticker Kicker by Jamie Williams & Roddy McGhie. You may already recognise this trick from a recent episode of The Matt Test. If not, this is how the trick works based on Penguin Magic's description. "The magician presents a little three-round challenge. In the first round, they have to take a small white sticker and place it as close to the center of the chosen card as they can. This is easily done, and they proceed to the next round. In the second round, the spectator has to autograph the face of the card they just put the sticker on. As long as they can write their name they win round two.

In round three all they have to do to win is peel the sticker off the back. Impossibly, they are unable to remove the sticker that they applied to the card that they signed. That’s when the magician reveals that the entire back design has become the sticker, and the magician is able to peel off the entire back of the card. The sticker they applied is now a hole in the center of the back design sticker the magician peeled off. Everything is not only examinable; they can keep the sticker and the card as an impossible souvenir." It's a clever and brilliant unique concept unlike anything you have ever seen before. Craig and Ryland loved it, awarding the product 100% each.

Red Pill, Blue Pill

Pen & Bond Lee have recently introduced Red Pill, Blue Pill. This is how the routine works according to Penguin Magic's description. "Red pill or blue pill, what is your choice? An original and unique piece of magic. The magician displays a bottle of pills, and has a spectator hold on to it. The spectator can freely name any playing card, and choose either the red pill or the blue one. When they open the bottle, the chosen color pill will predict the spectator's card perfectly.

The pill can reveal any message, so it is possible to do multiple routines with these props. If you are looking for something different, this is for you. A miracle inside a pill." It's a clever concept that pays homage to a classic movie while offering an incredible prediction. Craig and Ryland awarded this product 98% and 95%.

OMG Super Morigami

John Bannon is back with another incredible new concept. Introducing OMG Super Morigami. This is the product's description on Penguin Magic's website. "OMG Super Morigami sees John Bannon continuing his epic work in the field of packet tricks. The creator of immense best sellers such as Twisted Sisters, Royal Scam, Buzzkill, Duplicity, Paint It Blank, and Spin Doctor has a knack for creating commercial, fun, utterly fooling tricks that you'll be desperate to get out and perform. And, as an added bonus, this one is totally self-working... meaning you can put all your attention on presenting it and soaking up the glory." Craig and Ryland enjoyed this product, giving it 89% each.

Flip Balm

The final product Craig & Ryland reviewed this week is Flip Balm by Seth Race. Penguin Magic states, "Perform transpositions, transformations, color changes, and even vanishes with this gimmick specially designed by Seth Race for the lip balm that already lives in your pocket. You’ll learn multiple highly visual routines that are great in real life and on social media. Get ready to get wrecked with Flip Balm by Seth Race."

The magician introduces a seemingly normal tube of lip balm. But against all expectations, the chap sticks continuously switch between hands without warning. Wait for the twist at the end. It sounds very simple, but the concept and execution are really well done. As a contributor to bringing this product out, Craig loved the concept by Seth Race and awarded it 120%. Ryland followed up with 95%.


That's everything for this week's Magic Review Show. The products were amazing. We highly recommend them. You can expect to see these great products featured in upcoming Magic TV episodes. You can watch the full Magic Review Show below to see Craig & Ryland perform each trick in action. If you are planning on buying one of these products, let us know in the comments.

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