Extreme Burn, Live Performances, Okito Boxes, Mem Decks, Commentary Tracks & More | 5x5

Craig Petty has returned with another brand new 5x5 Magic. Once again Craig has five different subjects of magic to talk about. This week's topics included a live performance of Craig performing Richard Sanders' Extreme Burn, a spotlight review on some Magic Stickers and a discussion of Okito Box.

Extreme Burn, Live Performances, Okito Boxes, Mem Decks, Commentary Tracks & More | 5x5

If you have never watched 5x5 Magic before, the concept features Craig talking about five different subjects. He gives himself five minutes to talk about each topic. There is a countdown timer at the bottom of the screen. When the timer hits zero Craig moves onto another topic. 5 x 5 is always quick and snappy and you never know what you are going to get.

In this week's 5 x 5 Craig covers the following topics:

1. You see a live performance of Craig performing Extreme Burn by Richard Sanders. This is at a Christmas Party to an audience of Military people. Craig's presentation of Extreme Burn is very different to another presentations you might have seen. Craig combines Extreme Burn with a Himber Wallet and gives the whole thing a pickpocket presentation.

2. We roll the same performance footage as before but this time with a commentary track over the top. Craig talks about his performance and covers topics such as dealing with audience members, creating a hook, dealing with objects that cannot be examined and more.

3. Craig spotlights and reviews some Magic Stickers. These are a great tool if you are wanting to memorise a deck of cards. Craig talks about how they work and how he would use them if he was needing to memorise a deck of cards.

4. Craig talks about his favourite Tenyo trick 'Crystal Cleaver'. He performs the routine and talks about how it is practical to use in most situations.

5. Craig discusses the Okito Box and how it can be used alongside an expanded shell. Craig demonstrates an Out In Out routine that uses the shell and the Okito Box in a really interesting way.

That's everything for this week's Magic 5x5. If you would like to watch the full episode on Magic TV, check it out below. We look forward to seeing your thoughts.

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