Blackpool, Performance Experience, YouTuber, The Magic Cafe, Thurston Award | Q&A With Craig Petty

Craig Petty returned yesterday with another brand new Q&A Sunday. This week's episode is focused on how Craig feels about being number 1 creator on Penguin Magic, followed by subscription platforms for kids entertainers, Kyle Purnell's new Vanishing Inc. product and Craig's favourite Card Force.

Blackpool, Performance Experience, YouTuber, The Magic Cafe, Thurston Award | Q&A With Craig Petty

The Q&A Sessions are always fun because you never know what's going to be asked. If you would like a question answered on next week's show then simply leave a comment in this video and Craig will get to your question next week. This week Craig answers the following questions:

1. Penguin Live & Vanishing Inc Masterclass Reviews?

2. Favourite Part Of Being A YouTuber & Magician?

3. Is Craig Releasing Magic With Every Producer?

4. How To Print Or Produce Jumbo Playing Cards?

5. How Do You Feel Being Number 1 Creator On Penguin Magic?

6. Are Retro Review A Good Idea?

7. How Did You Develop Your Fast Speaking Style?

8. Subscription Platforms For Kids Entertainers?

9. How To Get Performing Experience As A Hobbyist?

10. Where To Get Baby Gag Giveaways?

11. Mental Block Vs 4K Colour Box?

12. Blank Card Tricks As A Lead Into Quantum Deck?

13. Which Of Your Products Are You Most Excited For?

14. Best Tricks To Perform For A Bride & Groom?

15. Will You Do Other Talk Magic Interviews?

16. Ryland's Comments About Blackpool 2022?

17. Can Ryland Solve a 5x5 or a 4x4 Cube?

18. Can You Do A Trick With The Luke Dancy Tattoo?

19. Kyle Purnell's New Release From Vanishing Inc?

20. Any Chance Of A Craig Petty Book?

21. Tutorial For Cheek To Cheek Deck Routine?

22. Unique Tricks With A Light Up Thumb Tip?

23. Favourite Card Force?

24. The Young Magicians Club?

25. The Magic Cafe Thurston Award

26. Getting Gigs As A Young Magician?

You can watch the full Q&A below to see Craig answer these questions. If you have a question you would like Craig to answer, just let us know.

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