Netrix Launch Date, FISM, Prism, Screwing Up Magic Tricks, Coin Magic & More | Q&A With Craig Petty

For this week's Q&A, Craig Petty answered questions related to Ryland reading Hiding The Elephant, the best mentalism routines to use in an open mic night, best closers for a kids show, impromptu tricks and most importantly, the launch date of Netrix. Craig has taken each question and answers it to the best of his ability.

Netrix Launch Date, FISM, Prism, Screwing Up Magic Tricks, Coin Magic & More | Q&A With Craig Petty

One of the biggest reasons people tune into the Q&A is because there are always unique questions every single week. No one knows what's going to be asked, and that helps keep it fresh. Craig collects the questions people have asked throughout the week and answers them as best as he can. This week Craig answers the following questions:

1. Best Mentalism Routines To Use In An Open Mic Night?

2. Best Ways To End A Card Under Box Routine?

3. Best Place To Learn Coin Magic?

4. How To Deal With A Trick Completely Going Wrong?

5. Combining Will To Read With An Invisible Deck?

6. What Would You Do If You Competed In FISM?

7. Where Can I Learn Craig's Cups & Balls Routine?

8. Best Cube For Cube Routines?

9. More Tricks With A Borrowed Phone?

10. Impromptu Tricks & Tricks FASDIU?

11. What Would You Do If You Didn't Do Magic?

12. Best Closers For A Kids Show?

13. Is Cube 3 Any Good For Learning Cube Magic?

14. Will You Review Prism by Max Maven?

15. When Will Ryland Read 'Hiding The Elephant'?

16. Nick Lecopa's Hair Vs Erik Tait's Beard?

17. What Is Craig's Criteria For A 'Commercial' Trick?

18. Favourite Grand Illusions To Watch & Perform?

19. Will There Be A Marketing YouTube Channel?

20. Could You Combine Holywood & Poker Test?

21. When Is The Netrix Launching?

22. What Could A Hobbyist Show A Pro Magician?

That's everything for this week's Q&A. You can watch the full episode on Magic TV below to see Craig answer each question in depth. If you have any questions you would like Craig to answer in next week's Q&A, comment them in the video. Thank you for reading today's blog.

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