N Pad, Switch, CCS, Pr3diction & Magical Photography | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Craig & Ryland returned with episode 77 of The Magic Review Show. Five new products have been released to the magic community, and the Pettys are ready to review them. This week they look at Pr3diction, SWITCH, Magical Photography 2022, CCS and N Pad.

N Pad, Switch, CCS, Pr3diction & Magical Photography | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The Magic Review Show is the perfect opportunity to learn firsthand about the newest magic products released. Craig & Ryland perform each routine, explain the process and give their own individual ratings. Like it or hate it you will know. Neither magician is associated with a third party company. All of their ratings are strictly their own. Let's break down each product.


The first product is by Ezequiel Ferra. Pr3diction has been designed as the perfect opener for your show, allowing you to perform various routines. You can start your show with cards, coins, sponge bags, ropes and even a different way to present the classic Invisible Deck. Penguin Magic states, "A magical and fun routine where the spectator decides which way the show starts! A freely selected item by the audience matches your prediction and then you transform it into a real object, ready to use!" Craig and Ryland enjoyed this routine, giving it a 88% and 99% rating respectively. It's easy to do, allows you to start your show with another element if you wish and you can do it for live or virtual audiences.


Manoj Kaushal has introduced Switch, a new routine with the ability to perform multiple feats with a single envelope. You will be able to vanish a card, transform a card to another object and switch a random card to your spectator's signed card. The big highlight of this routine allows your spectator to take the card from the envelope and also look inside it. You no longer need to force your audience to watch from a distance and never let them hold the envelope. It's a very encouraging routine with no magnets, flaps, elastics and you can reset immediately. Both Craig & Ryland loved this routine, giving it a perfect 100% rating each.

Magical Photography - Tenyo 2022

This new product from Tenyo is a big step up compared to the two products that were reviewed on episode 71 of The Magic Review Show. Magical Photography allows you to see through solid objects and peek into the future, taking impossible photos of unseen objects and famous landmarks using a borrowed smartphone. Everything included is completely self-contained without any extra magic apps required. There are two routines included with this set.

Vanishing Inc. goes on to describe the first routine as, "A spectator holds an undeveloped sheet of Polaroid style instant film. Using their smartphone (or another borrowed smartphone), you then take a flash photo. The spectator then selects a famous city which is impossibly shown to have been predicted all along in the photo they held. They won't believe their eyes when they go back to the photo on their phone and see an image from the city has appeared."

The description goes onto routine 2, describing it as, "A playing card is selected and lost in the deck of cards before everything is placed back in the card box. An undeveloped sheet of instant film is then laid on the tuck case and photographed with a borrowed smartphone. The spectator then looks at the photo on their phone to see that you have apparently been able to gain x-ray vision and see right through the case. Their selected card has now magically appeared in the photo."

This is an amazing new product and a big step up compared to their last products. Craig loved this routine, awarding it with a 98% rating. As for Ryland, he followed up very closely with a 99% rating.


N2G is back with another brand new coin set. This time they have introduced CSS, an amazing set that features four Chinese coins, a Chinese coin shell, an expanded Chinese coin shell and online instructions. According to Vanishing Inc., "This set also has strong scalability. It can be used in different coin magic effects and routines. This includes easily combining them with props from other N Series sets to enhance your favourite routines. The surface of the coin is smooth and comfortable, with excellent hand feeling. The size is slightly smaller than a Morgan dollar, therefore easier and smoother to execute palm and other sleights." As a huge fan of coin sets, Craig was looking forward to this one and he's proud to say he loved the set, giving it a 95% rating. Ryland followed closely with 97%.

N Pad

The last product is without a doubt one of the worst products ever released. Penguin Magic description states, "At Smagic, we love to do the impossible. Do you think signed coins, cards, rings... will move from left hand to right hand, or disappear and stay in the mini bag? With N-Pad, you can do just that. What's more, everything happens in the most intuitive way, so you don't have to spend time sneaking. No need. You will let the audience choose a coin or card and sign it, you can also borrow the spectator a ring, key... Then you disappear it under the palm of your left hand, and it will appear in your right hand, or in the mini bag. You don't have to be quick, everything is slow, the audience controls everything in their eyes, they will believe what's going on is magic."

There are several problems with this product. The small audible click included is actually really loud and everything needed to do the DIY is not included in the package. It's very overpriced with several misinformed information. The product is so poor that Ryland couldn't even give it a rating. As for Craig, he literally broke the trick on camera before tossing it away. We're not kidding. That's how much he hated this trick.


That's everything for this week's Magic Review Show. Four out of the five products were amazing. We highly recommend them. You can expect to see the great products featured in upcoming episodes. You can watch the full Magic Review Show below to see Craig & Ryland perform each trick in action. If you are planning on buying one of these products, let us know in the comments.

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