Clear Coin, Perfect Cut, By Forces Unseen, Movie Night | Craig & Rylands Magic Review Show

Welcome back to another exciting episode of the Magic Review Show with Craig Petty and his young son Ryland Petty. In yesterday's review we looked at four new magic tricks that have been released to the magic community! Let's take a look at what we reviewed. Expect the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Clear Coin, Perfect Cut, By Forces Unseen, Movie Night | Craig & Rylands Magic Review Show

The first trick reviewed is Movie Night by Jon Gadd and Steve Bowring. This amazing trick is a compendium of mentalism effects cleverly disguised as an innocent set of game cards that will allow you to perform multiple mental miracles at once. It's a fantastic trick that scored a perfect 100% rating by Craig (and that doesn't happen often) while Ryland gave a big score of 120%!

For our second product is a new print of a popular book. Introducing By Forces Unseen by Stephen Minch. This book contains some of the hardest material available in card magic you will ever witness. It's a great book that scored a high 95% rating from Craig with a perfect 100% score by Ryland. If you're into card magic then this is a book you will absolutely love.

Going back to the magic tricks we have Perfect Cut Gimmick Deck by Jeff Nolasco and JL Magic. The idea behind this trick is it's supposed to be super visual, impactful and fools the spectators every time. Unfortunately this trick did not get a lot of love from the Petty's. Craig even went on to say it offends him! As a result he gave the trick a zero percent rating with Ryland only offering a 5% rating.

The fourth and final trick we looked at this week is Clear Coin by Calix. If you ever wanted to turn water into a coin, look no further. This beautiful coin is good for making a coin fade away progressively. It's a fantastic routine that scored a perfect 100% rating from both Craig & Ryland!

And that concludes yesterday's Magic Review Show. We looked at some great tricks and can't wait for next week's show. Join us then on the Magic TV episode. The full episode of this week's episode is below. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments. We look forward to seeing your responses. 👇👇👇

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