Rhys Morgan & Robert West | Talk Magic With Magicians & Time-Travellers!

For the first Talk Magic of the week, Craig got to sit down with the amazing duo of Rhys Morgan & Robert West! They open up about their career in magic, how they first met at Oxford and even the highs and lows that occurred along their journey to where they are now.

Rhys Morgan & Robert West | Talk Magic With Magicians & Time-Travellers!

Possibly the greatest magical double act in history, Morgan & West's career is certainly unique, to say the least. They're not just magicians who perform on stage. They bill themselves as time travelling magicians from the Victorian era. This creativity allows their routines and act to go in directions that most other performances can achieve.

Throughout their years of performing, the duo have built a very strong brand with a huge following. Together, they have spent a great deal of their time touring across the world. The venues they perform are sold out of tickets immediately. Clients literally travel far and wide when a Morgan & West is announced. Everyone wants to see them perform live.

Unlike a lot of other magicians, Morgan & West don't rest their laurels. Quite the opposite, they're always developing new ideas and moving their act and brand forward. They have numerous shows where some of them involve magic while some don't. This is a brilliant interview with some fantastic advice for all magicians. This includes advice scripting, show creation, creativity, characterisation, work ethic, branding, marketing, working with agents and more.

Check out the full Talk Magic below and don't forget to let us know what you think in the comments below. Stay tuned for more Talk Magic episodes soon! 👇👇👇

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