Mojoe 2.0, Dorito Bite, Poison and The Boy Who Cried Magic | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Craig & Ryland returned this week with another brand new episode of the Magic Review Show. Here we take a look at the greatest & latest magic routines that have been released to the magic community. This week we looked at Poison, Dorito Bite, Mojoe 2.0 and The Boy Who Cried Magic.

Mojoe 2.0, Dorito Bite, Poison and The Boy Who Cried Magic | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

For our first trick of the week we looked at Poison by Nikolas Mavresis. You've probably seen Craig perform this on a Magic Live before, but this is an amazing magic effect and without doubt Nikolas’s finest creation to date. This effect has so many punches your spectator will feel like they’ve stepped in the ring with Mike Tyson! It's super simple to perform and uses custom cards for a bunch of additional effects as well. Craig loves this trick and gave it a 95% rating. Ryland went above and beyond to give it a 120% rating as well.

The second trick is Dorito Bite by Julio Montoro and Gabbo Torres. The two designed this routine as an organic way to perform the coin bite effect by taking a Dorito out of the bag, biting it and then boom, it's restored. This trick also comes with a metal box to carry the gimmick around with you as well. Unfortunately, this trick wasn't well received by Craig or Ryland. The trick is fragile, doesn't look very convincing and probably won't fool anyone. Craig gave this a 0% score with Ryland only giving it 1% (and that's only because he likes eating Doritos!) We have an honest trailer specifically for this routine.

For our third trick, we looked at Mojoe 2.0 by John Kennedy. Imagine you're out with your friends and you have an extra large cup of coffee uncovered in your hands. With our warning, you suddenly turn it upside down without spilling a drop. You crush the cup, throw it away and boom, the coffee is completely gone! It's a simple idea, but the end results are amazing and will leave everyone wanting to know what just happened. Craig & Ryland gave this trick 95% and 97% ratings respectively.

The final trick that was reviewed this week is The Boy Who Cried Magic Magic Book by Andi Gladwin. Craig has performed quite a few tricks from this book in previous Magic Lives. Andi Gladwin has finally produced a book of his own after helping produce more than a hundred magic books. This is a rare magic book with zero compromises, filled with sixteen routines and fifteen new sleight of hand routines. This book is filled with more than 250 pages and 240 high-resolution photos. Best of all is you will receive access to performance videos of every routine. Craig & Ryland love this book and each give it a 100% rating.

That's everything we have to review this week. Most of the tricks were fantastic and chances are you will see them again on Magic TV in the future. Until then, stay tuned for next week's review show. You can find the full episode to this week's episode below. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments! 👇👇👇

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