CTW, Phantom Coins, AB See & Mirror Rubik Cube | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The duo team of Craig & Ryland Petty returned this week with another brand new Magic Review Show. This series looks at the latest & greatest products released to the magic community. This week they look at Mirror: Rubik's Cube, AB See, Tango Phantom Coins and CTW.

CTW, Phantom Coins, AB See & Mirror Rubik Cube | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The Magic Review Show is the perfect way to learn about the latest magic products. Each trick is broken down into detail and then performed by either Craig or Ryland. If they like or dislike a trick, they will let you know. You might like some of the routines they dislike or vice versa. That's absolutely fine. If you haven't already, make sure to check out the Review Show Revisited. Some of these products may be performed again within the real world. Until then let's break down this week's products.

Mirror Rubik Cube

The first product Craig & Ryland looked at is Mirror: Rubik's Cube by Rodrigo Romano. According to Vanishing Inc on their website, ""Mirror: Rubik's Cube" gives you the ability to magically duplicate a Rubik's Cube or even transform it into different objects. This is an extremely visual and practical effect that is shockingly easy to do. You'll learn three visual and powerful routines:

Multiply the cube multiple times, magically solve a Rubik's Cube and transform the Rubik's Cube into another object. As an ADDED BONUS, you'll also learn a special interactive routine for virtual magic shows." It's a clever product that does what it says and describes. As a big fan of Rubik's Cube Magic, Craig really enjoyed this product and gave it a strong 90% rating. Ryland followed up with a perfect 100%.


Spider has introduced a new version of a classic trick that has been designed to leave your audience speechless. Introducing A.B.See. This isn't just one trick. It allows your audience to look through a series of images and secretly choose one. While you're not looking, you will be able to connect their thoughts with your own and reveal a lot more information about them than if they had simply chosen a playing card.

Penguin Magic States, "Spidey's A.B.See Deck is not just one trick, it is a tool designed by a working mentalist with the intention of leaving your audiences speechless. Your spectator can look through a series of images and secretly choose one. With your head turned away, you'll be able to connect with their thoughts and reveal far more about them than if they had simply chosen a playing card. They will believe that you can peer into their memories, know details about their personality and see right into their minds, the A.B.See Deck really is that powerful." Craig enjoyed this routine, giving it a 96% rating while Ryland followed up closely with 95%.

Tango Phantom Coins

Everyone has heard of the classic coins through silk trick. This new effect called Tango Phantom Coins has been designed to allow a magician to perform this trick with a needle thru coin effect that has been designed to be truly stunning. Vanishing Inc. goes on to state, ""Tango Phantom Coins" is easy to do. You'll get everything you need to perform, including a detailed instruction video from Antonio Kamimoto himself (the video is in English and Spanish). This finely crafted gimmick coin set features the Tango Magic quality you know and love." This product isn't very good unfortunately as there are better ways to accomplish this. As a result, Craig only gave this routine a 20%. Ryland was less impressed, giving it a 5%.


The last product we looked at this week is another Peter Eggink routine called CTW. Once again, Peter has failed to deliver a decent magic product this year. Penguin Magic describes this routine as, "One of the most impressive plots in magic is the "Card Through Window" that you've probably seen performed by various celebrity magicians on their TV shows. CTW is a new, diabolically clever principle within this plot and allows you to perform this very same powerful Illusion -it looks beyond impossible." This product isn't well designed at all. It's literally impossible to use in any scenario. This product was so poor that Craig literally smashed it to pieces with a hammer. It's that bad. Craig & Ryland went on to give it a Minus 1 billion% rating each. You can't do it anywhere


That concludes this week's Magic Review Show. Some of the products were great while others were not. You can watch the full Magic Review Show below to see Craig and Ryland performing each routine. Let us know if you like or dislike any of these products.

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