Michael Kaminskas | Talk Magic With The King Of The Cups

We returned with a brilliant Talk Magic on Tuesday the 18th May at 9PM GMT. Craig sits down and talks with The King Of The Cups magician himself, Michael Kaminskas. In this interview Michael talks about his career, getting into magic and becoming a creator. Along the way he also showcases some amazing magic with coins, cards and of course cups and balls.

Michael Kaminskas | Talk Magic With The King Of The Cups

Dubbed with the title "King Of The Cups" by the late Mike Rogers, Michael has created both new and novel approaches to this classic as well as being the creator and manufacturer of the finest cups and balls sets and chop cups in the world. To anyone who's not familiar with Michael's work, he is an author, creator, performer and consultant. As well as being an inventor and a creator of world-class magic with many instructional books, DVD's and effects on the market, Michael is known for his impeccable sleight-of-hand and smooth performance style.

Michael works regularly for many Fortune 500 companies weaving magic into their presentations and hospitality suites. He has been internationally recognised as one of the top sleight of hand artists in the world today. Michael is a thinker, creator and innovator of magic. The books that he has authored over the years have been featured in every trade publication. This includes a coveted Cover and feature story for the Society of American Magicians - the oldest magic organisation on the planet.

After earning his PhD in magic at the prestigious FFFF invitation only gathering, Michael went on to become a member of the Magic Circle in London, England as well as being accepted by A.I.M.C. with Silver Star designation. Since the release of his first instructional book in 1994, Michael has lectured extensively for his peers throughout the world. This includes conventions, various groups, club meetings, Magic Circle and even for the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California where he is also a regular performer.

There is no denying the lifetime of experience Michael has built for himself over the years. He is a unique blend of motivator, speaker, humorist and trickster. His award winning magic has been seen by a myriad of clients including celebrities, political figures, and major corporations across the globe and featured on the CBS, NBC, FOX and BET television networks.  It's no wonder that Michael's talents are always in high demand.

The interview is incredible and shouldn't be missed. You can check out the full episode below and get to see Michael talk about his lifetime experience live. Don't forget to let us know what you think in the comment section below!👇👇👇

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