Liquid Metal, Memorised Decks, Mark Chandaue, Coin Magic, Live Commentary, Reviews and More | 5x5

Craig Petty is back with another brand new 5x5 Magic. In this series of videos, Craig breaks down five different magic subjects with five minutes to talk about each one. This week's episode included an unedited performance of Liquid Metal, Craig discussing a concept using the Memorised Deck and even a sneak peek to an upcoming Talk Magic.

Liquid Metal, Memorised Decks, Mark Chandaue, Coin Magic, Live Commentary, Reviews and More | 5x5

The 5x5 Magic episodes are always fun. If you are unfamiliar with this Magic TV series, Craig has five different subjects of magic to talk about with five minutes to break down each topic. There is a countdown timer at the bottom of the screen. When the timer reaches zero, Craig immediately moves onto another topic. It's quick, snappy and you never know what you are going to get.

In this week's 5 x 5 Craig covers the following topics:

1. You see a full live performance of Craig at a Wedding performing Liquid Metal by Morgan Strebler. This is one of the best metal bending routines ever created and in this routine you see each and every phase performed to a bride at her wedding.

2. You see the same performance but this time with a commentary track over the top. Craig talks about managing angles and audience members, understanding and using off beats and more.

3. Craig talks about a concept using the Memorised Deck which really creates an impossible moment for the audience. It makes a great opener to a series of mem deck routines. Craig talks about the concept and explains how you can do it.

4. You see a sneak peek on an upcoming Talk Magic interview with Mark Chandaue. Mark is one of the top mentalists in the country and has written the incredible Harpencrowne books. Mark goes through his career and gives some amazing advice on performing.

5. Craig spotlights and reviews Ignition by Mechanical Industries. This is an incredible routine with a coin and a keychain. You see a full performance and review.

That's everything for this week's Magic 5x5. You can check out the full episode below on Magic TV below. Don't forget to let us know what you think. Remember, The Netrix has now officially launched with over 100 courses available. More will be added every two weeks.

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