Mentalism, Live Commentary, Blank Card Magic, Mark Leveridge, The Invisible Deck And More | 5x5

For this week's episode of Magic 5x5, Craig Petty showcases a live performance of him performing a Richard Osterlind routine, followed by a performance & spotlight of Just Imagine by G and even a sneak peek to an upcoming Talk Magic interview launching this Saturday.

Mentalism, Live Commentary, Blank Card Magic, Mark Leveridge, The Invisible Deck And More | 5x5

5x5 showcases Craig talking about five different subjects of magic. He gives himself five minutes to talk about each topic while there is a countdown timer at the bottom of the screen. When the timer reaches zero, Craig immediately moves onto the next topic. The series is always quick, snappy and you never know what you are going to get.

In this week's 5 x 5 Craig covers the following topics:

1. Craig performs a Richard Osterlind routine at a Business Networking Group in The Midlands. This is a routine that works really well for a parlour or stage setting and involves a borrowed watch and a simple peek.

2. You see the same footage but this time Craig plays a live commentary track over the top of the recording. Craig talks about warming up a cold group, engaging an audience, performing at networking events and more.

3. Craig performs and spotlights Just Imagine by G. Just Imagine is one of the best magic routines you will ever see and it is super commercial... Craig performs the routine and explains why it is so good.

4. You see a sneak peek of an interview with Mark Leveridge. Mark is a fantastic magician and creator and has done more for the magic community than pretty much all other magicians put together. The full Talk Magic interview is dropping on Saturday but in this sneak peek you see just what is coming up soon.

5. Craig gives you an idea with an invisible deck which is simply brilliant. As you probably know Craig loves the invisible deck and this quick little idea could be a miracle in the right hands.

That's everything for this week's Magic 5x5. You can check out the full episode below on Magic TV below. Don't forget to let us know what you think.

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