Mark Kalin | The World's Best Illusionist Talks Career Highlights, The Illusionists & More

On yesterday's episode of Talk Magic, Craig got to sit down and chat with the amazing Mark Kalin, The World's Best Illusionist. He's here to talk about his career and his ability to reinvent himself again and again. This includes how he got started in magic and how his career direction has changed since meeting Jinger Leigh!

Mark Kalin | The World's Best Illusionist Talks Career Highlights, The Illusionists & More

One of the most influential magicians of the last three decades, Mark Kalin has showcased amazing illusions to arenas, performing arts centres and television shows for thousands of spectators. He now has his own experimental threader in Reno, Nevada called, "Magic Underground." While his speciality used to be sleight of hand magic, Mark has now enlarged his act with Finger Leigh to include exotically animals into his performance.

That's right, his act includes tigers and panthers. More importantly his show includes sensational, split-second marvels including the largest stage illusion of all time, the vanishing of an American Airlines  jumbo jet. With their fantastic partnership together, Kalin and Jinger have produced and appeared in their award winning shows, “Carnival of Wonders”, Illusionarium” and “Before Your Very Eye."

Aside from his onstage performances, Mark has developed hundreds of illusions that are used in Broadway productions, live touring shows and Las Vegas revues. Mark talks in depth about The Carnival Of Wonders, The Illusionists and AGT as well as offering advice on performing on stage. Along the way he also offers amazing advice for performing on stage, how to create character, develop your own illusion act and more! Mark is an absolute legend in the world of magic.

This is an interview you really don't want to miss. Check out the full interview below and don't forget to let us know what you think in the comments. Thanks for checking out today's blog! 👇👇👇

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