Talk Magic With Marc Spelmann | The Man Behind BGT Sensation Magician X

We uploaded the longest and most compelling interview yet on yesterday's Talk Magic. Craig sits down with the amazing Marc Spelmann. Marc leaves no stone unturned as he talks about his start in magic, his career, BGT, Magician X and much more! This is an amazing interview you really don't want to miss.

Talk Magic With Marc Spelmann | The Man Behind BGT Sensation Magician X

Marc Spelmann is best known for his audition on Britain's Got Talent in 2018, causing a global virtual sensation. His performance has been watched over 200 million times globally and received a standing ovation at the prestigious London Palladium. In late 2018 Marc reinvented himself as the mastermind behind the anonymous Magician 'X', smashing all previous BGT records and taking the 2019 content by storm. ‘X’ claims the fastest most highly watched audition in BGT history, with over 100 million views in days. 

Often known as a 'Mystery Artist', Marc combines the secrets and principles of a magician, the influence and deductive techniques of a mind reader, and the showmanship of a grand illusionist to create truly astonishing demonstrations of the improbable and impossible. Marc has entertained the heads of states, celebrities and royalty over a career established since 1995.

Marc's performances are without a doubt the most thrilling act BGT has ever seen, a sequential masterpiece 3 years in the making. His final reveal and compelling message shocked and inspired the world, catapulting Marc into the leagues of the most watched magicians online ever with close to a billion views. This is a fantastic interview you really don't want to miss. As well as talking about his career in magic, Marc also gives practical advice on performing, marketing, creating magic and advice on BGT and AGT.

Check out the full interview below and tell us your thoughts in the comments! 👇👇👇

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