Make Your Choice, Halloween Socks & More! | Craig & Ryland's Review Show

Craig & Ryland Petty returned this week with another brand new Magic Review Show. On episode 72 we got to see reviews & performances of Make Your Choice, Rolling Stones, Socks Halloween Edition and Christmas Monte. Each trick was discussed, performed and given an honest rating.

Make Your Choice, Halloween Socks & More! | Craig & Ryland's Review Show

The Magic Review Show is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the latest & greatest products released to the magic community. Craig and Ryland perform every trick they review so you can see exactly how the routine looks and they are always 100% honest. If they like it or hate it you will know. Let's break down this week's show.

Make Your Choice

The first product we looked at this week is Make Your Choice. Julio Montoro and Juan Capilla have teamed up to create a whole new method that will allow you to put this "big illusion" right into your pocket, allowing you to perform it anytime and anywhere. Now you can perform this classic right from your pocket, allowing you to show the cards as close as possible, as there is anything strange involved. The selection is 100% freely chosen!

Penguin Magic goes on to state, "All the gimmicks are handmade in Spain by a master magician, so the quality of the product is guaranteed. The gimmick does all the work for you, there is no chance you could fail during the performance. The cards have been constructed with whiteboard foil, so you can customise the cards as many times as you want!" The product includes a tutorial video, rights to perform on TV or any social media/shows, plastic holder and special gimmicked cards. It's a brilliant and creative technique. Craig awarded this routine with a 95% rating while Ryland followed up with a 99%.

Rolling Stones

John Kennedy returns with the mysterious "Rolling Stones", a routine that allows the audience to find any freely chosen card without any force. The cards move by themselves as the magician makes a prediction, revealing the location of a chosen card. Penguin Magic goes on to state, "You have total control of the movement throughout your performance. John likes to make the stones move very slowly at first and then more swiftly to complete the shape.

Everything is built into the aluminum canister. Nothing extra needs to be hidden or palmed. At the end of your performance just close the canister and everything is reset." The problem with this product is it's very un-inspiring, the material may break easily and there are problems with angels as well. Craig decided to award this routine with a 50% rating whereas Ryland was less impressed and gave it a 15% score instead.

Socks: Halloween Edition

Michael Huot has reintroduced Socks with a spooky and fun Halloween themed version. If you are familiar with Socks, the routine features two packets of specially-printed sock cards. Each card has a different sock on it. Despite the fact they are randomly mixed and your spectator decides when you will stop dealing through them, the magician somehow manages to find the only matching pair. But that's what you think you did.

Vanishing Inc. goes onto state, "Until you turn over the two cards and find they stopped on two cards that don’t match. Luckily, you’re a magician who can fix this. That’s when you lift up your pant legs and reveal that you’re actually wearing the exact mis-matched pair of socks they stopped on." It's very visual, surprisingly and memorable. This new Halloween edition works exactly the same, only this time the socks have unique Halloween themed designs to make the trick even more fun. It's a visual and clever routine. Craig awarded this routine with 100% while Ryland followed up with 119%.

Christmas Monte

The last trick we reviewed for this week's Magic Review Show is Christopher Dearman's Christmas Monte. This product has been designed to update the classic three card packet effect with a timeless holiday story most people know. The magician tells their audience about the tale of a kid named Ralphie, and a "card-sharp" named Kris Kringle who offers Ralphie the chance to win the elusive "official carbine-action two-hundred shot range model air rifle."

Penguin Magic states, "Christmas Monte comes with four beautifully crafted, poker-size playing cards, one showing a Christmas tree surrounded with presents, one showing a BB gun rifle, and two versions of the Santa kicker card, depending on which verbiage you prefer to use. All the cards have a memorable back design depicting an iconic leg lamp and come with a perfectly sized, red envelope that is ink-stamped with the leg lamp to give it an aged, vintage look." Craig gave this product a 20% rating. While he says the instructions and design are well made, the performance and executive itself isn't the best. Ryland followed up with a 10% rating.


That's everything for this week's Review Show. The products this week were an improvement compared to everything we saw last week, but there are still some products who aren't quite up to par. You can watch the Magic Review Show below to see Craig & Ryland break down each trick. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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