Magic Review Show | Virtual Triumph, Catch Me & Win, The Unbelievalope 2.0 And More!

On Wednesday 10th of March at 5PM GMT, father & son are back with a brand new episode of Magic Reviews. Once more we looked at four amazing new magic products and gave you the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Magic Review Show | Virtual Triumph, Catch Me & Win, The Unbelievalope 2.0 And More!

Firstly we looked at Virtual Triumph. During this lockdown period it is important to entertain others with the wonders of magic. What better way to do so than with Virtual Triumph. This is one of the coolest self-working card tricks and at a killer effect for virtual magic. Imagine you're on a video call with some friends. You take a deck of cards and tell your friends to grab one too.

You shuffle some cards face-up into face-down creating an impossible mess and ask your friend to do the same and then the performer instantly and visually fixes his cards with a snap of the fingers. All the cards are facing down, except all four Aces! Turn this video call into an unforgettable experience. This review got an 100% score from both Craig & Ryland!

Next we looked at Catch Me & Win. This magic trick starts out with a stand holding three pegs or posts with a chain wrapped around all the pegs. While you explain the chain is pulled and one peg will always catch while the other two will not. No matter how hard your spectators try they can't find it. You have total control over whether the spectator wins or loses. It's a great trick!

For our third trick we reviewed the ultimate envelope prediction. The Unbelievalope 2.0. Made out of durable Kraft paper and thick plastic so that they last. Ready to use right out of the package without any assembly required. Imagine your audience sees a playing card inside the envelope window in full view. A spectator selects and signs any card and watches it amazement as it completely vanishes from the deck, only to discover the one card that has been in view since the very beginning is taken out of the envelope - in the fairest way possible - and it is THEIR signed card.

For our final trick we looked at Tell The Truth App and Remote. This takes all of the fun from the classic Lie Detector Helmet and made into an iPhone app that fits right into your pocket. With this hilarious app no one's secret will be safe. Tell the Truth is the comedy tool that fits right in your pocket, and is ready to go with you all the time! Watch the full Magic Review below and let us know what you think in the comments! 👇👇👇

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