This Trick Describes 2020! | Magic Review Show With Craig & Ryland

On yesterday's episode of Magic Review Show, father and son returned to look at the latest magic tricks released to the magic community and review them. Every trick is explained, performed and then left with an individual rating from both Craig & Ryland. We looked at four brand new tricks. FALL 2.0, Houdini's Last Trick, Torn & Restored Card and Up!

This Trick Describes 2020! | Magic Review Show With Craig & Ryland

The first trick we looked at is Houdini's Last Trick. Safe to say it wasn't well received at all. Craig even goes on to say this is the worst magic trick of 2020. When you watch the full episode you will understand why. For the second trick we looked at Torn & Restored Card. Contrary to the previous trick, this one scored a perfect rating from Craig as well as a 99% rating from Ryland. It's a great gimmick. The idea behind the concept is to destroy something only to restore it is excellent and leave your audience gasping in shock.

Next we looked at FALL 2.0. The idea behind this concept is to send a pen dramatically crashing to the ground with your mind with more to give. Unfortunately this scored a zero rating from both father & son. One of the reasonings for this low rating was due to misleading marketing from the creator. For the final trick we looked at Up. The idea behind this trick is will have the spectator sign a card and put it back into the deck, only to experience magic by having the card float on their finger like they have their own magic. This was positively received by both Craig & Ryland, scoring almost a perfect rating in total!

And that summarises yesterday's Review Show. As you can see we got quite a mixed bag. Some of the tricks were great, others not so much. Check out the full episode in the video below and let us know what you think in the comments. We'd love to hear your thoughts.


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