Magic Review Show | Time Smith, Match Of The Day, Hover Card Plus, RD Insta Cube

On Wednesday 3rd of March at 9PM GMT, Craig & Ryland returned with another brand new episode of Magic Reviews. We looked at four amazing new magic products and gave nothing but honest reviews.

Magic Review Show | Time Smith, Match Of The Day, Hover Card Plus, RD Insta Cube

First Craig & Ryland looked at TimeSmith, a magic app that was developed by Benke Smith for Android and IOS. This amazing app controls Bluetooth hybrid watches by setting the hour and minute hands to show custom time that can be freely selected by the spectator. Even better is you have purchased the SB watch, you can activate the full version with the code you have received. It was so greatly received that both Craig and Ryland gave it a score of 100% each!

Next we looked at Match of the Day, an amazing self-working card trick combined with the country's most popular sport and AL Prendo's comedy. It's a super easy routine to do and very entertaining to watch. If you like close-up, parlour and stage then this is the one for you! This brings us to Hover Card Plus, a great card levitation trick that will fool everyone, even magicians who thought they knew the secret.

Lastly we have RD Insta. Probably one of the most visual cube-solve tricks ever created. It's stunning and visually appealing that requires no skill. You will think it is a special effect! The best part is afterward you can hand the cube out for the audience to examine and leave them even more confused! If you do close up or stage work then this is a trick you want to consider! Check out the review below!

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