Magic Review Show | Polymorph, Boxing Match 2, Watch This & Music Box

Craig & Ryland are back with another brand new episode of Magic Reviews. In this series we look at brand new magic products and give you nothing but honest feedback. On Wednesday 17th of March at 5PM GMT, we reviewed four new products.

Magic Review Show | Polymorph, Boxing Match 2, Watch This & Music Box

The first product we looked at is Polymorph by Jimmy Strange. Safe to say this product wasn't well received by neither Craig nor Ryland. This trick uses an everyday object like a Sharpie pen, then by stretching the clip on the pen cap you get it to change shape and match a spectators card selection. Polymorph allows you to do this and even let the spectator exam it.

Next we looked at Music Box by Gee Magic. This is a simple and easy-to-use prop that allows you to audibly reveal a song secretly selected by a spectator to create a powerful and unforgettable moment. The Kid Magician himself loved this trick whereas Craig was 50/50. It's good for around the house with friends but not ideal for close up magic.

The third trick looks at Boxing Match 2.0 by Katsuya Masuda. This is quite a trendy trick going around at the moment that uses a colour changing deck to become more visually appealing. It has potential to be great as long as you are willing to put the time and effort to structure your own routine or adapt someone else's.

For our fourth & final product we reviewed Watch This by Rex. This magic trick makes a playing card visually transform into a watch. However, it is very expensive and Craig is unlikely to use it more than once. But that's all just our opinion. Check out the review as well as the tricks linked in the description and let us know what you think! 👇👇👇

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