Craig & Ryland Are Completely Baffled | MisPrint 2.0, Sponge Ball To Rubik Cube & More

Welcome back to another brand new episode of Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show! If you aren't familiar with this series, every Wednesday at 5PM GMT we look at new magic tricks and give you nothing but the honest truth. In today's episode we look at four new products entering the magic world!

Craig & Ryland Are Completely Baffled | MisPrint 2.0, Sponge Ball To Rubik Cube & More

The first trick we looked at is MisPrint 2.0 by Luke Dancy! This amazing trick has so many variations you can put a unique spin on. The original Misprint was amazing itself as a visual transformation of the back of a playing card. But 2.0 takes this one step further and allows you to visually move the ink on the face of the cards. This trick was not only performed on a Magic Live but scored almost a perfect rating from Craig!

The second product is Sponge Ball to Rubik Cube by Alexander May. This is a super fun and visual way to open any Rubik's cube magic routine. The idea is the cube has been crafted to look as close to the real thing as possible, leaving you with endless possibilities. While Craig liked the trick, it isn't something he would personally use. Ryland loves the trick to give it a 95% rating!

Next looked at Thought Of Cards Across by Morgan and West. This is possibly the cleanest and most practical Cards Across routine ever created. There's no awkward counts or palming and allows you to make a thought of a card impossibly travel between two packs of cards. It's amazing and almost scored perfectly by Craig! It is truly as direct and straightforward as it sounds!

For our fourth and final product we reviewed Wanderlust by Vernet Magic. Best way to describe this trick is it packs small and plays HUGE. This trick was so great that it scored a perfect rating from both Craig & Ryland. It's not often Craig gives a 100% rating. That's how you know the product is amazing. As you can see we had a good round of products to review this week. Watch the full review below and let us know what you think in the comments below. 👇👇👇

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