Rick Lax, Bullying New Magicians & Central Heating | Magic Rant With Craig Petty

This week on Magic Rant with Craig Petty Craig talks about three separate subjects that are really annoying him within the Magic Community.

Rick Lax, Bullying New Magicians & Central Heating | Magic Rant With Craig Petty

Firstly he talks about Central Heating and how he cannot understand how it would annoy anyone but someone in the comment section from his 5x5 video with Woody Aragon had something to say about it which really got on Craigs nerves. The comment is so far fetched that Craig can literally not understand why anyone would have an issue with it.

Secondly he talks about bullying in magic and how Michael O'Brien is the nicest guy in

magic. Michael has a Youtube channel called Obrien Magic and has over 5,000 subscribers. Michael decided that he'd put a rant video up on his channel which is very unlike someone who is as nice and softly spoken as Michael. The rant is talking about bullying new magicians and how it can effect the magic community, Craig adds to this in his latest rant below.

Finally he talks about Rick Lax And how he has seemingly lost his mind! Ricky Lax is friends with Justin Flom... & together they have been posting a lot of terrible content on YouTube with no substance or any thought about the effects it can have on the magic community. Craig talks about this in great detail.

Please remember that Magic TV rant videos contain swearing and bad language. If you are offending by bad language and swearing please look elsewhere and do not watch this video.

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