Paul Harris Special No. 2 | Magic 5x5 With Craig Petty

Craig returned yesterday with another special Magic 5x5 that follows up from the first Paul Harris Special we uploaded a few weeks ago. If you aren't familiar with this series, it's where Craig Petty talks about 5 different subjects. He gets five minutes to talk about each subject. When the timer reaches zero then we move onto the next topic. It's quick and snappy and you never know what you are going to get.

Paul Harris Special No. 2 | Magic 5x5 With Craig Petty

We've seen your requests and we're here to follow up with another special that looks at the career of Paul Harris. This time Craig is looking at his early card magic creations. Specifically routines from Super Magic published in 1977 and Las Vegas Close Up published in 1978. Paul Harris is basically a genius. A lot of the plots and techniques we use in the present day evolved from Paul Harris and his many creations.

In this video Craig performs, talks about and deconstructs five Paul Harris routines. They are as follows:

1. The Interlaced Vanish by Paul Harris

2. The Ace Trap by Paul Harris

3. Grasshopper by Paul Harris

4. Over Exposure by Paul Harris

5. Vacuum Cleaner Cards by Paul Harris

Let us know what you think in the comments below and let us know if you would like to see a third Paul Harris video. Thanks for watching.👇👇👇

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