How To Announce Someone Is Pregnant At A Gig, Magical Bones, Jellyfish Deck & More | 5x5 Magic

Craig Petty returned this week with another brand new 5x5 Magic. This week's episode focused on the fake hammer review, a sneak peak to a Talk Magic interview and even a live performance of Craig announcing a pregnancy at a gig.

How To Announce Someone Is Pregnant At A Gig, Magical Bones, Jellyfish Deck & More | 5x5 Magic

If you are not familiar with Magic 5x5 as a series, the idea is simple. Craig has five minutes to talk about five different subjects each. There is a countdown timer at the bottom of the screen. Once the timer has hit zero, Craig immediately moves onto the next subject. The 5x5 are always quick and snappy. You never know what you're going to get.

In this week's episode, Craig covers the following topics:

1. How to announce a pregnancy at a gig. Craig tells a story about a gig he was booked to perform at last week where the client wanted him to announce a pregnancy in a magical way. Craig talks through what he did, why he did it and the reasons behind his choices.

2. Live performance footage of the pregnancy reveal. If you want to see exactly how the pregnancy reveal went for a real audience this is your chance. This was shot live at the gig and is the full uncut performance.

3. Fake Hammer Review. If you are a comedy magician then you have probably used a sponge brick in your show. Well Prop Dog makes the most realistic looking Fake Hammers you have ever seen. These things are GREAT! In this review Craig explains why if you are a comedy magician you need these in your cabaret case.

4. Magical Bones Talk Magic Sneak Peek. Magical Bones is one of the top magical performers in the UK. He fuses magic and breaking into one flawless performance. Most recently he was seen getting through to the finals of BGT which was a huge deal for him. His Talk Magic interview is dropping soon but this sneak peek will give you an idea of what to expect.

5. The Jellyfish Deck - Deck Review. The Jellyfish deck is new from Penguin Magic and looks and handles really well. Craig takes the deck on its paces.

You can watch the full Magic 5x5 below on the Magic TV channel. If you're looking forward to more content, don't forget to subscribe and keep your alerts active. Stay tuned for more content within the upcoming days.👇👇👇

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