Talk Magic With Lewis Le Val | The Top Mentalist Talks Revelations, 1914, Performing & Creativity

Welcome to our second episode of Talk Magic for this week's series. Craig sits down and chats with one of the top mentalists in the world, Lewis Le Val. In this interview Lewis talks about his career and offers some amazing advice on how to properly perform mentalism. Lewis is an amazing performer and a very engaging person and this interview is not to be missed.

Talk Magic With Lewis Le Val | The Top Mentalist Talks Revelations, 1914, Performing & Creativity

Lewis Le Val is a full time mentalist and hypnotist originally from the UK. He began practicing magic at the age of 5, and at the age of 6 he made his first ever TV appearance. He performed street and close up magic until his teenage years, and then his focus turned to mentalism and hypnosis.

From the producers of Derren Brown’s TV specials, Le Val stars in Discovery Channel’s “The Mind Control Freaks”, where in each episode he creatively demonstrates the use of hypnosis to startling effect. The series has been shown in over 224 countries and territories worldwide. He has also appeared in numerous other television shows broadcast on BBC Three, E4 and ITV.

Le Val ignites fires in the hearts and minds of all who experience his performances. A talent which stems from over ten years of experience, practice and study, along with a natural charm and ability to inspire and create wonder. The creative methods behind his work have found their way into the repertoires of thousands of performers worldwide through his magic and mentalism releases in the past few years.

Le Val’s style has been shaped by a decade of performing close up and walk-around mentalism and hypnosis in numerous venues in the Mediterranean, dealing with loud music, louder tourists, extreme heat and minimal props. He will teach you a handful of effects from his working sets, how to apply real suggestions to your acts, and plenty of tips and advice on performing, character, bringing mentalism to life, the psychology of an audience and more! He will also share his philosophy on magic and mentalism, along with some tips for performing on television.

This is a brilliant interview with a great magician. Check out the full interview below and stay tuned to see it uploaded on the Talk Magic podcast. Thanks for watching and we look forward to seeing your comments below. 👇👇👇

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