Reviewing 5 Magic Tricks! | Craig & Ryland's Review Show

For episode 74 of The Magic Review Show, Craig and Ryland looked at five brand new products released to the magic community. This week they look at Just The Soul, Cinemagic Flash, iBalance +, Tricolour Dice and NOMAD Ring Mark II. Like it or hate it, you will be the first to know.

Reviewing 5 Magic Tricks! | Craig & Ryland's Review Show

The best part about The Magic Review Show is this is the perfect opportunity to learn first hand about new magic products. Craig and Ryland perform each trick, explain why they are good or bad and give their own individual rating. Neither magician is associated with a third party company. Let's break down each trick and explain if they are liked or disliked.

Just The Soul

The first routine Craig and Ryland looked at this week is Just The Soul by Adrian Vega. This routine has been designed using a normal deck of cards with no duplications, allowing you to perform CAAN (Card At Any Number) as cleanly. The routine has your Spector think of a number and then the cards are dealt down to that number, showing the card they dealt towards. Impossibly, it matches the prediction card that was in full view since the beginning of the routine.

Vanishing Inc. goes on to describe, "No awkward switches or weird moves. As Adrian Vega is a student of The Spanish Magic School, this is a masterclass in direct magic, psychology and using natural handlings to wow audiences. It's a professional CAAN effect developed specifically with professional magicians in mind." It's a clever routine that allows your spectator to count a normal deck of cards without any duplicates or switches required. It's great for close up and parlour. Craig gave this routine a 79% rating while Ryland followed up with a 95% score.

Cinemagic Flash

Mago Flash has introduced Cinemagic Flash. Murphy's Magic describes this product as, "CINEMAGIC FLASH is a small old cinema, which is operated manually like the old-fashion cinemas. In this cinema there is a film of the hand of a magician appearing poker cards. finally, when the magician wishes, the card chosen by the spectator is materialized. The CINEMAGIC FLASH is ideal for magic in the living room or up close, it is very visual and easy to perform." The problem with his product is unless there's a very specific act you have to use, the product might not be practical. Furthermore, it is very fragile. Craig gave this product a 50% rating as a result. Ryland liked this product a bit more, awarding it with a 80% score.

iBalance Plus

Next up we have more phone magic by Mark Elsdon. The iBalance Plus allows you to use any phone and impossibly balance it on a single fingertip, allowing you to break the laws of physics for iPhones, Androids and many more. Penguin Magic states, "With iBalance Plus, you will receive custom gimmicks that work with iPhone, Android, and various other smart devices. No suction cups, magnets, or adhesives are used. You’ll learn to balance an iPad on a single finger, and any cell phone on the very tip of a marker." Craig enjoyed this product, giving it a 90% score. Ryland followed up with a close 95%.

TriColour Dice

Wayne Dobson is back with a five minute close up routine featuring three small dice boxes and three coloured dice, allowing the magician to perform a three-phased mind reading act while under impossible conditions. If you want to make a strong finish, look no further. Alakazam Magic goes on to state, "Despite the spectator making all the choices of boxes, dice and all the mixing around, you are able to reveal which box the spectator has put the die in, and again with the boxes switched around, all with your back turned.

In the last phase, the spectator becomes the mind reader and as a kicker finishes, they apparently have divined not only the color they have randomly chosen, also the number on top of the die they have randomly placed behind their back, and all color dice have matched the colors inside the three boxes." It's a clever routine that allows you to combine different clever principles in the true Wayne Dobson style. Craig and Ryland awarded this routine with a 90% and 99% rating respectively.

NOMAD RING Mark II (Morgan)

The final product for this week's Magic Review Show is NOMAD RING Mark II (Morgan) by Avi Yap, Calvin Liew and Sultan Orazaly. Sultan Orazaly and Avi Yap have been working on this new groundbreakingly visual coin and ring routine since early 2020. It's designed to allow a magician to transform a coin into a ring without any covers and vice versa. Penguin Magic goes on to state, "Apart from the changes we've made to the gimmick, Nomad Ring has also evolved. Thanks to the redesigned gimmick, the coin is now completely examinable. Coming with several new ideas and handlings, the routine has become more dynamic and modular than ever!" While the trick itself is good, the actual product is poorly designed. It's not fit for purpose and has yet to be created to be stable. It's very easy to be broken in transit. You can't perform it. Craig gave this routine a 0% review while Ryland followed up with a minus 10%.


That's everything for this week's Magic Review Show. Most of the tricks reviewed this week were very good and highly recommended. You can watch the full episode on Magic TV below. If you are planning to get one of those tricks for yourself, let us know in the comments.

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