Talk Magic With Jonathan Levit - The Creator Of The Stranger talks Acting, Apps and More

For our final Talk Magic of the week, Craig Petty sits down and interviews an incredible magician whose career has spanned for almost 40 years. Jonathan Levit is a magician, actor, television host, magic consultant and even a producer. He's here to talk in detail about his whole career throughout many decades.

Talk Magic With Jonathan Levit - The Creator Of The Stranger talks Acting, Apps and More

Jonathan Levit has graced the covers, multiple times, of Magic Magazine and Genii Magazine – the premiere publications in the magic world. He is highly respected in all areas of magic, including sleight of hand, mentalism, and magic history, where his work alongside Neil Patrick Harris and his recreation on stage as Howard Thurston has gained him respect amongst his peers.

In addition to performing throughout the world and on every continent (including Antarctica), Jonathan regularly offers lectures to magicians discussing method, performance and psychology and he has acted as host and emcee for “MagicLive!” — the premiere magic convention in the world — in front of thousands of magicians gathering in Las Vegas.

His acting career began with a starring role as a con-artist magician in one of the most highly acclaimed episodes of “THE X-FILES”, playing opposite Ricky Jay. Levit played the coroner in “FLASHFORWARD“, and continued to work in numerous television shows and films on networks including NBC, USA, CBS and ABC — playing magicians and non-magicians alike.

Jonathan has been the on camera host for various television series on networks including THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL, THE SCIENCE CHANNEL, THE BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL, EQUATOR HD the FINE LIVING NETWORK. Combining magic and hosting, Jonathan was seen on VH-1 as the host and head judge of the celebrity reality magic series, “CELEBRACADABRA”. His appearance on FOX’s “MASTERS OF ILLUSION” further solidified his standing in the magic and entertainment industries.

He has worked as a magic consultant for some of the biggest Hollywood films and television shows including “NOW YOU SEE ME”, where he taught Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, and Ayla Fisher. He has also worked with Steve Carell, Alan Arkin, and Olivia Wilde in “THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE”, Jack Davenport in “FLASHFORWARD“, David Duchovny on “THE X-FILES” and many other notable actors in Hollywood. He has consulted on magic television series taking him to the Middle East and other parts of the world. He also served as producer and magic consultant for “HIP HOP HOUDINI” and was a technical advisor for the NBC sitcom “LIKE MAGIC’.

This is an incredible interview you really don't want to miss. Jonathan talks about balancing magic and acting as well as creating and performing magic. He talks about his award winning Stranger App which has taken the world by storm. Finally he offers some incredible advice and guidance for new magicians and experienced magicians. You can watch the full episode below. Make sure to tune into The Talk Magic Podcast to listen to this episode while on the move.

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