John Bannon The Legend Of Magic Looks Back On His Career | Talk Magic #81

How many lawyers does it take to conceive, write, and publish a book of great card magic? One — if his name is John Bannon.

John Bannon The Legend Of Magic Looks Back On His Career

No joke. Even if you just do casual card magic, you’re probably familiar with his work and likely do one or more of his tricks. ​

John is known for his popular books Impossibilia [1990], Smoke and Mirrors [1992], and Dear Mr. Fantasy [2005]. After being out of the spotlight for a number of years, he recently teamed up with the UK’s Big Blind Media to produce two internationally bestselling DVDs, Bullets After Dark and Bullet Party.

He has a range of “fractal” packet tricks and self-published a number of smaller, but

nevertheless acclaimed paperback books. Rumor has it that a book of mentalism is waiting in the wings as well. John would be the first to affirm his status as an “amateur” in its original sense, from the Latin amator or “lover.” He doesn’t believe that only professional magicians have something meaningful to say. To the contrary, he believes the amateur has an important and challenging role in the continued evolution of magic, especially in the wake of the current explosion of Internet-driven information.

In this interview John looks back at his career including what led to him publishing his groundbreaking books Smoke and Mirrors and Impossibillia. However he also talks in details about his reemergence on the magic scene and his output in the last decade.

Along the way he offers some incredible and wonderful insights and advice which is invaluable to every magician whatever the level.

This is an interview you really don't want to miss.

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