Talk Magic With Jason Latimer | Competitions, Magic, Impossible Science & Switching Industries

For our final Talk Magic of the week, a very special magician joined Craig Petty for an interview. Jason Latimer, Grand Prix winner of World Champions of Magic has arrived to talk about his career in magic, how he launched the Impossible Science Program in San Diego and much more. If you're a magician and you're interested in science, look no further than this interview.

Talk Magic With Jason Latimer | Competitions, Magic, Impossible Science & Switching Industries

Jason Latimer is known by the stage name and is an American illusionist. In 2003, he became one of four Americans ever to win the title Grand Prix "Best Overall" at the World Championships of Magic. In 2012, Latimer starred in the six live British television specials on the BBC One's "The Magicians," and won UK competition overall. In 2014, Latimer joined Penn & Teller and Christen Gerhart as a judge on the American magic competition television series Wizard Wars on the Syfy channel.

In 2015, Latimer launched the Impossible Science program in San Diego, CA. Currently, Latimer is the curator of Impossible Science for the Fleet Science Center and oversees the Impossible Science Initiative in science centers throughout Southern California. Jason co-hosts Science Channel's series SciJinks with The Big Bang Theory's Johnny Galecki and Mythbusters: The Search's Tamara Robertson. In 2018, Jason joined the likes of David Copperfield and David Blaine as one of the few recipients of the prestigious Golden Grolla Award from the Masters of Magic in Saint-Vincent, Italy. In 2018, Jason was the closing speaker of the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C., for recognition of Impossible Science and changing education with wonder.

This is a truly incredible interview and really should be a must watch. Jason talks about his career, winning championships and his approach towards magic. However he also talks about transitioning into science, creating the Impossible Science brand and how that changed his career.

Jason is someone who is hugely successful at everything he does. He has reinvented himself numerous times and is always successful at everything he does. This interview is very inspirational and really should be a must watch. You can watch the full episode on Magic TV below or check out The Talk Magic Podcast in a few days time.

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