Ryland Reviews GOSSIP! (His Dad's NEW Trick!) | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

On yesterday's episode of the Magic Review Show we got to see Craig & Ryland look at the latest and greatest magic tricks and products in the world. This week was a special episode because Craig has released a brand new trick that Ryland reviewed as well! The tricks we looked at our PO Box, FLASH PACK 2.0, WINNER WINNER (CHICKEN DINNER!), CAPPED and Gossip!

Ryland Reviews GOSSIP! (His Dad's NEW Trick!) | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The first trick we looked at is PO Box by Nick Diffatte. A complete remodelling of the classic German Coin Box, Nick has designed P.O Box to look like an ordinary white bottle cap and manufactured in high quality, heavy duty plastic. Now, instead of looking like a magic gimmick, it looks like an organic object that can be easily rung into a causal performance situation without suspicion. This is a great trick that Craig gave a 95% rating for with Ryland following up with a 100% score.

For the second trick we reviewed is FLASH PACK 2.0 by Gustavo Raley. This is a very magical and visual trick that the transformation looks like a camera trick but you can do it live. It's designed to be ready to use that's very easy to accomplished. It's an interesting concept that you can choose different versions of. Either Chocolate or M&M. Craig give this trick 85% while Ryland followed up with a 92% score.

Trick number 3 is WINNER WINNER (CHICKEN DINNER!) by Liam Montier. A brand new, self-working piece of mental magic, this trick is designed with a packet of gorgeous cards are shown, with 'WINNER' on the back, and a picture of either a coin or a note/bill on the face. Following this you deal the first pair in front of a spectator, who chooses one of the cards for themselves.  The next pair you deal in front of yourself, but the SPECTATOR chooses your card for you.

Long story short, by the end of the trick when all the decisions have been made, it's time to see who won what!  You turn over your three cards first to reveal that the spectator chose you THREE 20 NOTES! You pay yourself your winnings. No forces, moves or gaffs.  Everything clean and examinable, and fast reset! Craig loves this trick that he gave a 90% score with Ryland giving it a 100% rating.

The fourth magic trick we reviewed this week is CAPPED by Sam Sieracki. The idea behind this concept is adding a missing visual element to the coin to pen routine that helps sell the illusion. This was designed specifically so the spectator can see the coin inside the cap. Unfortunately, this concept was not well received by Craig or Ryland at all. As far as ratings go, you'll have to see what they said because words alone can't sum up their opinion.

For our fifth and final trick of the week, Ryland is going to review his dad's routine recently released by Alakazam Magic. Craig created Gossip well over a decade ago and it's been part of his close up set and everyday carry. It's more than just a mind reading effect. it’s an innocent looking utility tool designed to fit into your wallet as a totally self-contained piece of mind reading. Gossip will fit perfectly into any wallet and is a sure fire winner that you will carry with you at all times! Easy to do, hard hitting and performable in any situation!

That's everything we have reviewed for this week's episode of the Magic Review Show. Join us next week for more reviews and don't forget to check out this week's episode below. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section! 👇👇👇

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