What Is The Future Of Magic TV? | Q&A With Craig Petty

Welcome back to another brand new Q&A. If you're not familiar with this series, Craig takes the questions you've asked throughout the week and answers them to the best of his ability. This week's episode includes a rather interesting question on the future of Magic TV.

What Is The Future Of Magic TV? | Q&A With Craig Petty

The Q&A episodes are always fun because every week it's totally different. You never know what's going to get asked. If you would like a question answered on next week's show then simply leave a comment in this video and Craig will get to your question next week. This week Craig answers the following questions:

1. Online Instructions Vs Written Instructions. Which is best?

2. Will Craig Ever Get Interviewed On Talk Magic?

3. Can Craig Still Call Himself The 'Bay Boy' Of Magic now he is back in The Magic Circle?

4. Has A Negative Review or a Rant Ever Changed A Gimmick Or Routine?

5. How Do You Theme Your Magic Performances?

6. Do You Think It's Important To Study The History Of Magic?

7. Does Craig Still Attend Business Networking Meetings?

8. Can You Perform Card Magic With No Sleight Of Hand Skill?

9. What Wrestler Do You Identify With The Most?

10. What Do You Think About Minority Groups Getting Into Magic?

11. The Future Of Magic TV? We Would Love To Hear Your Thoughts

12. How Important Is Logo and Graphic Design To A Magic Business?

That's everything for this week's Q&A. Check out the full episode below and let us know what questions you would like Craig to answer next week. 👇👇👇

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