Further Thoughts about The Wizard Product Review & Sean Haydon | Q&A With Craig Petty

Craig Petty returned yesterday to answer your questions with another brand new Sunday Q&A. This week's questions revolve around Cube In Bottle, how to script routines and more importantly, questions regarding the Sean Haydon situation. If you haven't already checked out that Rant, we recommend doing so for more context.

Further Thoughts about The Wizard Product Review & Sean Haydon | Q&A With Craig Petty

The Q&A Sessions are always fun because you never know what's going to be asked. Every week there's always something different. If you have any questions you would like Craig to answer in next week's show, simply comment them in the video below. Craig will do his best to answer them. This week Craig answers the following questions:

1. How can I learn Gary Jones Top Con Control?

2. What are the pros and cons of using an index vs Magicians Choice?

3. Can you use Aronson Stack with Visible?

4. How do you vary coin magic effects in order to stop coin magic from becoming boring?

5. Who influenced your love for magic?

6. Can we get a sneak peek and some of the tricks and products you are releasing through Penguin magic?

7. Can we see a day in the life video about you (documentary style)?

8. How do I keep my Cube In Bottle gimmick looking good?

9. Do you still perform Chop?

10. What is the tabled False Cut you use in your videos?

11. How do you script routines for your act?

12. Great book test idea!

13. Can you clarify the Sean Haydon situation from last week's Magic Rant?

You can watch the full Q&A below to see Craig answer these questions. Don't forget to comment your own questions you would like Craig to answer. We look forward to seeing your questions.

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