Holy Wood, Nervous Breakdown 2.0, FPS Coin Wallet & Rubik Go | Craig & Rylands Magic Review Show

Craig & Ryland are back to review brand new products released into the magic community. This week we looked at FPS Coin Wallet, Holy Wood, Rubik Go and Nervous Breakdown 2.0.

Holy Wood, Nervous Breakdown 2.0, FPS Coin Wallet & Rubik Go | Craig & Rylands Magic Review Show

As with all of our reviews, Craig & Ryland are not assisted with any company and every opinion they give is their own. Let's take a look on what they reviewed this week.

FPS Coin Wallet (Black)

The first trick to review is FPS Coin Wallet (Black) by Brent Braun. Brent has teamed up with Rylan Plunkett to create the perfect everyday carry coin wallet. The FPS Coin Wallet holds up to five half dollar or four dollar size coins and fits comfortably in your pocket. But it also has a secret unique hidden gaff for an easy and quick way to sneak coins and other small objects into and out of the wallet. This means you can have your coins examined and then effortlessly add coins or gimmicks - or switch coins invisibly. Anyone who knows Craig will know he is a huge fan of wallet tricks. Both he and Ryland gave this product a 100% rating.

Holy Wood

The second product is Holy Wood by Hansen Chen and Hansen Chen Productions. This amazing product is designed by Hanson Chief and engineer by Yao to create a gimmick like you've never seen before. The basic effect is very simple: you take a card and push it through a solid deck of cards. When the card box is opened, the deck is literally a solid block of wood. It's more than just a prop, it's an art piece. This is an amazing product that Craig gave another 100% rating for with Ryland following up with a 110% score.

Rubik Go

The third magic product we reviewed is Rubik Go by Juan Pablo and Juan Pablo Ibañez. This great trick is designed to make a Rubik's cube disappear from one paper bag and reappear in another or any other impossible location you would prefer, like a purse or a hat. It's easy to perform and great for both children's & adults magic shows. Craig gave this trick a score of 80% with Ryland giving it a close 81%. While the trick is good and does what it says, be aware if you are a close up performer who does mix & mingle. As long as you're in an environment where you can manage everything, you're good to go.

Ultimate Nervous Breakdown 2.0

The final routine Craig & Ryland looked at this week is Ultimate Nervous Breakdown 2.0 by Dominique Duvivier. An outstanding mentalism trick, prepare to amaze your spectator if they are asked to think of one of the suits with complete freedom. But in spite of these conditions, you say you have planned everything beforehand, and now you are going to prove it. Craig respects this routine and gave it a 79% rating while Ryland gave it a perfect 100%. It's super clever and you won't be disappointed with the product.

That's everything we have to review this week. These were some great products that you might see performed again one day on upcoming Magic Lives. Check out the full Magic Review Show below and let us know what you think about these tricks. 👇👇👇

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