Isolated, Lucky, Four Stack and Social Print | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Every week the father and son team of Craig Petty and Ryland Petty look at the latest and greatest products released to the magic community. This week we look at four new magic tricks. Isolated, Lucky, Four Stack and Social Print.

Isolated, Lucky, Four Stack and Social Print | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Unlike other review shows, Craig and Ryland are always 100% honest and always perform every trick they review. This way you can see exactly what the trick looks like when it is performed. They're not associated with any magic company. Everything you see is completely unbiased. Let's take a look at the newest products.


The first trick the Pettys looked at is Isolated by Skymember & Mr Xuan. Inspired by "The Berglas Effect", better known as the "Holy Grail of Card Magic", "Isolated" is an extremely powerful tool that enables you to perform unbelievable ACAAN routines. Both Craig and Ryland gave this review a 50% rating each. While there is a clever creativity to it, there's better ways you can go about performing Isolated.


The second product is a new book from John Bannon called Lucky. Filled with amazing products created by John, Lucky is filled with over 100 products you will absolutely love. Craig loved this product and gave it a 100% rating. Ryland is absolutely in love with this routine and gave it a 800% rating based on all the 8 routines included in the book. If you're into prompt card magic, this is something you'd want to look into.

Social Print

Next up we have Social Print by Juan Alvarez and Twister Magic. Inspired by the trick "Silk," by Lewis Davenport, Juan has reshaped everything, created a full script and the audience tested the routine hundreds of times. You will receive everything you need to perform: A card box, 26 specially printed cards, two custom-printed silks, a Facebook hand accessory, and even Juan's script. Craig likes it and gave it an 80% rating with Ryland following up with a 100% rating.

Four Stack

For our fourth and final product of the week, Craig & Ryland looked at Four Stack by Zihu. "Four Stack" is designed to add an extra punch to the ending of your favourite MacDonald's Aces routine. You'll be able to visually transform 1 Ace into all 4 Aces. What makes it even more deceptive is the fact that it can be handled as one card on the table before the other 3 Aces "disappear" from their stack. So it truly looks like 1 card multiplying into 4. Unfortunately, this product was given 0% rating from both Craig & Ryland. Safe to say it's gone into the bin.

That's everything we have to review on this week's Magic Review Show. Join us next week for another Review Show. You can find the full episode of this week's show in the video below. 👇👇👇

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