Forced Focus, P to P Paddle, AV/FM Deck and Alibi | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Welcome to episode 66 of Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show. This week they cover Alibi, AV/FM Deck, P to P Paddle and Forced Focus. They perform each of the routines, explain how they are designed to work and let you know if they like or dislike a trick.

Forced Focus, P to P Paddle, AV/FM Deck and Alibi | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

If you're not familiar with The Magic Review Show, every week Craig Petty and his young son Ryland Petty look at the newest products released to the magic community. Neither magician is associated with a third party company. Their opinions are strictly their own. Let's break down everything they reviewed for this week.


The first product Craig & Ryland looked at this week is Kaan Akdogan's ALIBI. This product is designed to be a mystery box that isn't a box as well as being a gimmick that looks nothing like the gimmick. Sounds confusing but it is very clever. According to the description, "ALIBI is a custom-made gimmick that slots right in amongst your personal credit cards, driver's license, business cards, etc. Even though your Alibi gimmick sits in full view it's NEVER seen. You start by asking your spectator, "Would you like to see a really good trick?" OR an ABSOLUTE MIRACLE? Any card is selected and signed, then lost in the deck. In the blink of an eye, you magically find their signed card.

You offer to repeat the feat, once again burying their card into the deck, only to find it quicker than it was lost. You now say, "This is easy, anyone can do it. Wouldn't it be a really good trick if you found your own card?" They now try to find their own card. Of course, they fail miserably. You now pick up your mobile phone, which has been in full view all the time and NEVER TOUCHED. Hanging from the credit card holder on the back of your phone is ONE SMALL FOLDED CARD. The card is removed and handed to the spectator. They unfold the card, it's their SIGNED CARD! AN ABSOLUTE MIRACLE!"

It's a brilliant and creative routine that will fool even the most observant people. Craig is a big fan of this routine, giving it a perfect 100% rating, something he doesn't do quite often. Ryland followed up with a 115% score.

AM/FM Deck

AM/FM Deck by MICHAEL M BREGGAR and Michael Breggar is the next product Craig and Ryland reviewed. Vanishing Inc. described this product as the ideal forcing deck for any working pro. "A spectator names a number. THEY deal down to that number and it matches a prediction you made. Or, even better, they just start dealing until they want to stop. When they do's the predicted card.

Let's reiterate: They name the number. They remove the deck of cards from the box. They deal. And the force always works. You can even show how another number would have given them a different card." Both Craig and Ryland gave this product a 0% rating. The issue with this product is there's nothin groundbreaking, it's not very good and Craig doesn't understand why it was brought out at all.

P To P Paddle

The third product the Pettys reviewed this week is Hansen Chen's P To P Paddle. After Dream Ikenaga created the effect of making the chocolate on a biscuit stick vanish, appear, change and transport, Hansen Chen wanted to take this one step further with a real biscuit stick. "The latest version of P to P Paddle is presented to you. The gimmick looks highly realistic, and Hanson also teaches you how to use real biscuit sticks to perform this trick.

P to P Paddle comes in two versions - Standard and Deluxe. Standard Version - comes with 1 set of gimmick. Deluxe Version - comes with 2 sets of gimmicks. You just need to make your own choice." As a fan of paddle routines, Craig was looking forward to reviewing this and was very impressed. He gave this product a 95% rating while Ryland followed up a 100% score. There's even a Magic Live dedicated to this routine.

Forced Focus

The last product for this week's Magic Review Show is Forced Focus by Richard Pinner. Richard has designed this routine to create endless possibilities. It is a fully fledged utility prop. According to PropDog, "Forced Focus gives you the ability to force one or several cards in a very clean and fair way. The ingenious principle means the spectators cannot see any values other than the cards being forced, yet gives the impression a complete deck of cards is being shown.

This clever idea creates new possibilities for classic plots such as Tossed Out Deck and Multiple Card Revelations and opens them up to the virtual world. It is ideal for virtual shows but also in a live environment." It's a great product with many options available. Craig gave Forced Focus a 92% score. As for Ryland, he followed up with a close 88%. We have another Magic Live of this trick as well.


And that's another Magic Review Show in the bag. You can see Craig and Ryland in action performing each product below. Do you have any intentions of using these products as part of your act? Let us know in the comments below. We look forward to seeing your responses.

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