DNA, FLYYY, Perfect Pen, Labelled, Nice To Meet You 2 | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Father & son are back with another brand new episode of the Magic Review Show. They're ready to look at the latest & greatest magic tricks that have been released to the magic community. This week we look at Perfect Pen, Labelled, FLYY, Nice To Meet You 2 and DNA.

DNA, FLYYY, Perfect Pen, Labelled, Nice To Meet You 2 | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Craig and Ryland perform every trick they review so you can see exactly how the routine looks and they are always 100% honest.  If they like it or hate it you will know. Let's break down each of the five products and let you know what they're about.

Perfect Pen

The first trick the Pettys reviewed is The Perfect Pen by John Cornelius. A $20 bill is borrowed from a member of the audience. The magician hands them a pen to sign their bill and examine if desired (there is nothing in the magician's hands). The magician retrieves the pen and bill, and without any funny moves whatsoever, proceeds to pierce the bill with the pen. The audience can clearly see the pen has penetrated the bill. He proceeds to visibly and audibly rip the pen through the bill, yet when it's handed back to the spectator, the bill is unharmed. The pen and the bill may then be handed out immediately for complete examination. Craig gave this trick a solid 100% rating with Ryland following up with a 115% score.


Craig & Ryland then reviewed Labeled. Released by Taiwan Ben Magic Shop, this is designed to be one of the most unique playing card revelations available today. The spectator selects a card from the deck and then, with no fishy or awkward moves, the label on the Coke bottle you hold transforms to reveal the card they chose. It's a truly unforgettable visual moment where a soda bottle label impossibly reveals a selected card. Craig gave this trick a score of 90% with Ryland following closely with 95% rating.


The least popular product this week is Flyy by Julio Montoro. After four years in development, Julio Montoro presents Flyyy as a one-of-a-kind device that allows you to perform a ring flight routine that is as close to real magic as possible. Your spectator holds the keys or they are kept on the table from the start of the routine. You then borrow a ring and transform it into a permanent circle on your palm. That circle then vanishes from your hand and travels to the keys in your spectator's hand. They won't believe their eyes when they look down and see their ring is impossibly attached to the key ring. Craig & Ryland both gave this routine a 0% rating. You'll see why.

Nice To Meet You 2!

The fourth product Craig & Ryland reviewed is Nice To Meet You 2! by Masuda Magic. The idea is simple: the magician stands their business card on the flat surface of a card box, and even though they release the hands, their card is still standing on its own. You rotate the card box to show its backside, but there is nothing suspicious that can be spotted. You can also stand your card on a cleared table. Finally, you can fan the playing cards, stand your business card on the fanned cards, and give out your card to one of the audience members. It's an interesting routine that Craig and Ryland enjoyed, giving it a 90% and 110% rating respectively.

DNA (Day Night Anomaly)

The final product we reviewed this week is DNA (Day Night Anomaly) by Magic Stuff. A fresh and modern take on the color changing knives / sun and moon plots using paper clips. It's a beautiful organic magic, very easy, visual and practical, Instant reset and much more. Craig enjoyed this product and gave it an earned rating of 95%. As for Ryland, he followed up with a close 90%.


That's all for this week's Magic Review Show. Thanks for checking out today's blog. You can check out the full review show below. Do you do any of these products? What do you think? Let us know what you think in the comments. 👇👇👇

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