Klipto, Get Money, Sukma & Fishers Dream | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Welcome to episode 89 of The Magic Review Show. For this week's episode, Craig & Ryland look at Klipto, Get Money, Sukma & Fishers Dream. Each product is broken down in detail, performed and then given an individual rating by Craig & Ryland. If they like or dislike a magic product, you will be the first to know.

Klipto, Get Money, Sukma & Fishers Dream | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

There are several products released every single day. Some of them are amazing while others are not quite up to par. Neither Craig nor Ryland are associated with a third party company. All of their reviews are strictly their own. We'll break down each magic product, how they work, who they are made by and whether they are good or not.


The first product Craig & Ryland reviewed is Klipto by Liam Montier and Big Blind Media. Described as being the ultimate pocket mentalism miracle, this product featured three borrowed coins that are locked inside transparent plastic holders. They're dropped into three ungimmicked even lopes and mixed by the spectator. In a heartbeat, the magician reveals the exact locations of all three coins. It's a foolproof system that requires no skills, and it fits right into your pocket for a pint-sized miracle. No magnets, peeks, tech or markings needed. Craig and Ryland enjoyed this product, awarding it with a 90% and 100% rating respectively.

Get Money

Louis Frenchy & George Iglesias have teamed up with Twister Magic to introduce a diabolical effect that's extremely visual, easy, very commercial, easy to do, portable and customisable. Introducing Get Money. This routine is based on George Iglesias' Dollar To Credit Card. This new version will show three amazing transformations in just seconds. Penguin Magic describes the routine as, "Show a $1 dollar bill and transform it into a $100 dollar bill, now give a magic pass and transform the $100 bill into a blue VISA credit card, now show it from both sides and when giving another magic pass transform it into a gold AMEX credit card that you can also display on both sides.

The magician can place his own credit card (real or expired one) and make a payment with the gimmick or switch the gimmick for another one. Everything is fully explained in the instructional video. Available in three versions: Dollars, Euros and Pounds." It's a brilliant and creative routine featuring money, allowing you to perform money magic with different currencies. Craig enjoyed this product, giving it a 90% rating. Ryland followed up with a 95% rating.


Nawa Birawa & Steve Marchello have introduced Sukma, a new routine that allows the magician to sense someone's soul. The concept is simple: the magician asks their spectator to write someone's name on the card and let them place it inside an envelope. The envelope is given back to the spectator for them to hold onto between their hands. The magician describes what that person on those cards looks like and of course, the name as well. There's no special envelope, no need to peek at the card and no switches. Craig gave this product a 75%, citing while there are better ways, it's not a bad trick at all. Ryland liked this a bit more, giving it 81%.

Fishers Dream

The last routine Craig & Ryland looked at this week is Fisher's Dream by Inaki Zabaletta and Vernet. Everyone has heard of the classic Lasson Card Trick. Fishers Dream takes this one step further by allowing you to perform it anytime & anywhere with a freely selected card that's signed by the Spector. It's more practical, fooling and an amazing version.

Penguin Magic describes this trick, "A shuffled regular deck of cards is handed out to a spectator. A card is freely selected and signed. A regular paper bag is handed out for examination. The selected card is lost in the deck and all the cards are thrown into the paper bag. The magician shakes the paper bag shuffling all the cards inside. Now he takes a rope by the end and introduces part of it into the paper bag. After a few seconds the magician raises the rope taking it out of the paper bag. Surprisingly, the signed card appears tied on the rope. And it's not any card but precisely the signed selection!"

It's a clever routine and a brilliant new reinvention of a classic routine. Both Craig & Ryland loved this routine, giving it a 95% rating each. You can use this routine without a table and it's perfect for parlour or stage shows as well as ideally for adults or kids shows.


That's everything for this week's Magic Review Show. The products we looked at were amazing and highly recommended. You can check out the full episode below on Magic TV. While you're there, don't forget to let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. Are you planning to use any of these products? Let us know!

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