Craig's Favourite Nikolas Mavresis Trick | Magic Q&A With Craig Petty

On Sunday the 21st of March, we uploaded a brand new episode of Magic Q&As. In this series, Craig takes all of the questions you have asked throughout the week and answers them to the best of his ability.

Craig's Favourite Nikolas Mavresis Trick | Magic Q&A With Craig Petty

For this week's episode, Craig answers the following questions below. If you have a question you would like Craig to answer, simply ask it in the comments and Craig will answer it next week!

1. What is Craig's favourite Nikolas Mavresis Trick?

2. How do you learn coin box magic? What do the different coin boxes do?

3. Craig performs lots of tricks. What's your thoughts about having a limited range of tricks as a professional magician?

4. Do you like Danny Goldsmith? Would you interview him for the channel?

5. What props should magicians own?

6. Do you use callbacks in your magic?

7. What playing cards do you use when performing?

8. Where do your catch phrases come from?

9. How many routines do you perform with the Split Coin?

10. Craig's Range of Tricks Revisited!

11. If you were a Dinosaur what Dinosaur would you be?

12. What are your thoughts on Rubber Band Magic?

13. What tricks would you say have a high pain to glory ratio?

14. What are the best and most visual tricks to perform on social media?

15. What are the best routines for the middle of a close up set?

16. What are your thoughts on the 3CM, Triple Threat and TUC?

17. Do you ever get a chance to go to New York?

Thanks for asking all the questions. Remember to leave any questions for next week in the comments below.👇👇👇

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