Quantum Deck, Live Performances, Mark Traversoni, Fast Food Playing Cards, Coin Magic & More | 5x5

For this week's Magic 5x5, Craig Petty showcases more live performances with a commentary track included to help you understand the process of a performance. This week's episode also includes a deck review of the FFP Deck, alternative props you can use and even a sneak peek Talk Magic interview going live this Saturday.

Quantum Deck, Live Performances, Mark Traversoni, Fast Food Playing Cards, Coin Magic & More | 5x5

If you have never watched Magic 5x5 before, the concept is simple. Craig has five different subjects of magic to break down. He is given five minutes per subject. There is a timer within the corner of the video. When the timer runs out, Craig immediately moves onto the next subject. The episodes are always fun and snappy. In this week's 5 x 5 Craig covers the following topics:

1. We start with a full live performance of Craig performing The Quantum Deck at a Corporate Event last week. This is a full unedited performance to a big table so you can see exactly how the routine plays.

2. You see the same performance but this time with a commentary track over the top. Craig talks about killing dead time, building an audience and angles among other things.

3. Craig talks about a prop that you can buy that is very inexpensive that can be used instead of coins to give your performances some variety. Craig showcases a few ways these props could be used.

4. You see a sneak peek on an upcoming Talk Magic interview with Mark Traversoni. Mark runs Saturn Magic and will be interviewed this Saturday on Magic TV. In this clip Mark talks about how he set up Saturn Magic.

5. Craig does a deck review of the FFP Deck. These are playing cards themed to Fast Food. Craig takes them through their paces and talks about whether they are any good!

That's everything for this week's Magic 5x5. You can see Craig in action by watching the full episode below. Don't forget to let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading today's blog. Don't forget to check out the Netrix!

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