Prementaldiction, Triple Impact, Dropped Call, Walnut Shells | Craig & Rylands Magic Review Show

Craig & Ryland returned this week with another brand new episode of The Magic Review Show. This week we reviewed Prementaldiction, Triple Impact, Dropped Call, & Walnut Shells. Every product is given a 100% honest review. We aren't associated with any magician company. Everything you see and hear is completely unbiased.

Prementaldiction, Triple Impact, Dropped Call, Walnut Shells | Craig & Rylands Magic Review Show

The first trick we looked at this week is Dropped Call by Kyle Purnell & Zach Evans. The amazing trick lets you vanish your phone in the cleanest way possible. Completely universal, no switches and ends clean and examinable. Because the self-contained gimmick requires no switches it doesn't matter what your real phone is. It works on its own and is specifically-styled to match an iPhone X's aesthetic. It scored a perfect 100% rating from Craig with Ryland following up with a 190%.

The second trick we looked at is Triple Impact Collateral Damage By Peter Nardi and Matt Ellison. Triple Impact Collateral Damage is super easy to do and mixes both mind reading and precognition to give you an absolutely mind blowing effect. You have your spectator cut the deck, remove 3 cards and place them into 3 different pockets. Then they cut the deck again and remove another 3 cards, you now read their mind and tell them which 3 cards they have (all while your back is turned).

You now state that before you left the house today you also placed 3 cards in to 3 pockets but from a different coloured deck. You remove a card from your back pocket as you ask your spectator to do the same. When the cards are turned around they match! You now remove a card from your right hand pocket which matches the card from their right and pocket and the same goes for the remaining pocket Craig reviewed this trick with a 95% rating with Ryland giving it a 120%.

For our third trick we looked at Brennan's Genuine Walnut Shells by Ian Brennan. We've all seen the classic cups & ball routine. Now prepare to see the next best thing using walnut shells. Hand made, three shell sets for the classic three shell hustle. Made with love and care from genuine Walnut shells. It's a simple yet brilliant routine that scored a 100% rating from both Craig & Ryland.

And for our final trick of the week we reviewed this week is Prementaldiction by Chris Dugdale. Chris has used this trick as an opening routine for many years and now it is the perfect opening for virtual performances. All it uses is a custom-made wallet with a smaller business card wallet inside. This fantastic opener starts with an audience member shouting out a number between 1-100. A wallet that has been in full view is then opened revealing a ticket case. The number in the ticket case is off by 3.

Then a huge envelope that was on display at the very start of the routine is opened to show that the performer had somehow predicted this ahead of time. A super clean, slick and fair looking impossible prediction. It's a brilliant routine to blow your audience away that will leave them wanting more. The trick scored 90% and 95% respectively from Craig and Ryland. That's all for this week's Magic Review Show. Check out the full show below and let us know your thoughts. Thanks for watching! 👇👇👇

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