Talk Magic With Doug Conn | The King Of YouTube Shorts & Talks YouTube & More

In this interview Craig sits down with Doug and talks about his career. He talks about the highs and the lows. However they also discuss Youtube in great detail. Not just creating videos for YouTube but also about exposure on YouTube and lots more. Along the way Doug offers some incredible advice for magicians of all skill levels.

Talk Magic With Doug Conn | The King Of YouTube Shorts & Talks YouTube & More

Let's be honest Doug Conn is a legend of magic. His performances throughout the years are always high energy, engaging and fun. However beyond that Doug is an incredible creator and teacher of magic. He is passionate about the art of magic and this shows every time you watch him perform.

Unlike a lot of magic teachers and magic lecturers Doug Conn has chops and then some. There are very few magicians as knowledgeable as Doug Conn. He has also spent years honing his art as a street performer where he would perform for thousands of people every single day.

Then in 2020 something changed. Doug decided to take on social media in his own unique way. The results have been nothing short of amazing. Fast forward a year and Doug's YouTube channel now has almost 250,000 subscribers and he uploads videos almost every single day. Doug has focused on 'short form' content on Youtube which is one of the things he has attributed to his massive growth.

This is an interview you really don't want to miss. Check out the full interview below and don't forget to tune into the Talk Magic Podcast as well! 👇👇👇

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