Canvas, Doozie Deck, The Call and The Birthday Deck | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The father & son team of Craig Petty and Ryland Petty are back to look at new magic products released into the magic community.  Every week we look and review each product, tell you what they think and perform every trick they review as well. You get to see the whole truth with no beating around the bush.

Canvas, Doozie Deck, The Call and The Birthday Deck | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The first trick they reviewed this week is The Call by Wayne Dobson. The idea behind this trick is simple. A card is thought of by your spectator and then you use their new 'phone' and ask a few questions with Yes or No answers. Comedy is built into this wonderful effect and at the end, the performer reveals the thought of the card from a mere ‘phone call.' It's a brilliant trick that both Craig & Ryland gave a strong 99% rating!

For our second new product we looked at Canvas by Luis Olmedo. As the performer you take the deck out of its case and show a completely blank deck by spreading it across the table and then push four cards forward. The four blank cards are brought together and with a magical gesture, they transform into four picture cards. But then the rest of the deck turns into a regular deck of cards. It's a great opener for your show as well as a strong routine to do anytime. Craig gave this trick an 80% while Ryland followed with 99%

Magic trick number 3 is Doozie Deck by Steve Lancaster and Clint Smith. This trick uses a deck of cards that is shown to be fairly mixed before a card is selected. The card is then lost in the deck before being found by the magician. Following this is the rest of the deck suddenly turns blank before suddenly being fully restored with a quick magical gesture. This trick had some great instructions but there are many different ways this routine could be better accomplished. As a result Craig gave this trick a 10% with Ryland following with 50%.

The fourth and final trick we reviewed this week is The Birthday Deck by Liam Montier. As the name suggests the concept behind this trick is the performer predicts their spectator's birthday. No sleight of hand, no pre show and works with ANY Birthday. Craig reviewed this product with a rating of 90% with Ryland giving it a perfect 100% score! And that's all the products for this week's Magic Review Show. Come and join us next week for more reviews. Don't forget to check out the full review below and let us know what you think! 👇👇👇

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