You Test, Visual Pen, 3Deck & Definitive | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show #101

The duo team of Craig & Ryland Petty returned this week with another brand new Magic Review Show. This series looks at the latest & greatest products released to the magic community. This week they look at 3Deck, Definitive, Visual Pen and You Test. Like it or hate it, you will be the first to know.

You Test, Visual Pen, 3Deck & Definitive | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show #101

Every week the father and son team looked at the latest and greatest products released to the magic community. If the product is good or bad they will let you know. Let's break down the four products they reviewed this week and how they are designed to work within the magic world.


The first product to be reviewed on this week's show is 3Deck by Adrian Vega. If you have been keeping up with the channel, there have been several videos released covering this trick. It has been featured on Magic Lives and even as a Matt Test. If you haven't heard of 3Deck before, it is a brand new trick released by Adrian Vega. This trick allows the magician to vanish a deck of cards that have been in full view of your audience the entire time. Craig and Ryland loved this trick, awarding it 90% and 100% respectively.


Definitive by Chris Rawlins is an incredible new thought test unlike anything you have seen before. The magician reveals a seemingly normal dictionary. They are asked to pick out a random word out of the dictionary that the magician doesn't even see. The magician goes on to read the thoughts of their spectator. To take this one step further you can even rip out a page from the book.

The magician knows their secret words without any fishing. The page is even ripped into small pieces by the spectator as they mix the pieces and choose one without any force. Regardless of how they decide what word to think about, the magician will know every time. It's an incredible effect unlike anything you have seen before. Craig and Ryland awarded Definitive 95% each, praising its concept and execution.

Visual Pen

Our first controversial trick on this week's show is Visual Pen by Axel Vergnaud. Penguin Magic states, "Today Axel presents "VISUAL PEN" a UNIQUE trick, extremely VISUAL and easy to handle. This new, extremely visual effect will completely amaze your audience. Imagine making a spectator choose a card, you make it disappear and you take out your felt-tip pen and in less than a second the felt-tip pen turns into a card, and that's not all, because the spectator's chosen card. You can even let the spectator hold the cap before the change." Visual Pen advertises itself as a pen that will allow you to vanish, appear or change a pen with ease. However, there are lots of problems with this product, not the least of which is that it solves a problem that does not exist. Neither magician was a fan, giving it 25% and -100% each.

You Test

The biggest controversial magic trick this week is You Test by Jerome Sauloup. Stevens Magic Emporium website states, "You introduce 12 QR Cards all with positive signs (+) on them, no matter which card is selected by the volunteer it is shown to have a negative (-). This is a simple but visually effective powerful way to blow people’s minds. Come up with your OWN test – that’s the beauty of this product is a creative springboard for customization." Craig gave this product 25%, citing it's not the worst trick in the world, but it's simply not worth getting. There's no instant reset, you need to carry a close up pad and it isn't practical. Ryland hated it, giving it -2,000,000%.


That's everything featured on this week's Magic Review Show. Some of the tricks were well made whereas others had potential, but didn't quite reach their potential. You can check out the full show on Magic TV below. If you are planning to get any of these tricks for yourself, please let us know why in the comments.

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