Catch, Deep Breath, Migrate, Sweet Disposition, Beyond Mercury | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The father & son duo are back to review the latest products released to the magic community. This week we look at Deep Breath, Migrate, Sweet Disposition, Beyond Mercury and Catch. As with all the magic products, Craig nor Ryland or associated with any other magic company. All their opinions are strictly their own.

Catch, Deep Breath, Migrate, Sweet Disposition, Beyond Mercury | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The first trick we saw reviewed is Deep Breath by Mat Parrott. This routine allows you to know, with 100% accuracy, information about a deck of cards (or stack of any items) mixed by a spectator. It allows you to create and perform miracles without the use of any gimmicks and without the use of any sleight of hand. It's a brilliant gimmick that allows you to master the most underused principle in all of mentalism. Craig and Ryland love this routine and each gave it a 100% rating.

The second routine is Migrate by Michael Rubinstein. Migrate is the routine Michael came up with after releasing his now best-selling book Rubinstein Coin Magic. It is a comedic, coins across, routine that is full of puns and new techniques. Although it does not use any gaffs it does use some unique, attention getting, and funny props. Unlike most coins across routines that last less than a minute this is designed as a three-minute showpiece that is themed around bears! Sounds bizarre but it totally works. Craig loves this trick and gave it a 95% rating with Ryland following up with a 97%.

For the third routine we got to see is Sweet Disposition by Luke Oseland & OseyFans. Sweet Disposition is a surreal, transformation effect that looks like CGI. This insane visual will catch your audience off guard and leave their heads spinning. Luke is LITERALLY bringing TV magic into your hands. This is a fantastic product that everyone should look into. Craig gave this routine a 90% rating while Ryland followed up with a 100%.

The fourth trick reviewed is Beyond Mercury Fold by Andre Cretian. The magician brings out a slim case with a small leather wallet inside, and places it down on the table or gives it to a spectator to hold it, announcing that it contains a prediction. He then has a spectator choose a card, which after being signed is lost in the deck. Finally, the prediction that was inside the two wallets, is a card folded in four, which incredibly turns out to be the card signed by the spectator. Craig felt underwhelmed by this gimmick and gave it a 60% score, citing that while there is nothing wrong with the product itself, there are better ways of achieving the effect. As for Ryland, he followed up with a 50% rating for similar reasons.

The last magic product for this week is Catch by Vanishing Inc. Catch is more than a coin vanish. It's a device with no moving parts, yet once a coin is slipped into it, it has a clever locking system so the coin won't fall out...until you wish to release it. In other words, this device not only vanishes coins, but allows you to reproduce them as well. This makes it ideal for transpositions, changes, and more. You can use borrowed or even signed coins. Craig & Ryland gave the routine a 79% rating. Craig empathised there is nothing wrong with the product. The reason for his rating is simply because it doesn't suit his own style.

That's all for this week's Review Show. We got to see some great products this week. Stay tuned for next week's Magic Review Show where we will take a look at more products. Watch the full episode of this week's show below and let us know what you think in the comments. 👇👇👇

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