Dan Harlan | Interview With The Most Creative And Knowledgeable Magician Alive Today

On Saturday 13th Match at 9PM GMT, we uploaded another exciting new episode of Talk Magic. In this series, Craig sits down and talks to famous magicians across the world about their experience in magic. We got to speak to a living legend of magic, the amazing Dan Harlan!

Dan Harlan | Interview With The Most Creative And Knowledgeable Magician Alive Today

Considered to be the most creative and knowledgeable magician alive today, Dan joined Talk Magic and broke down his career in magic and much more. This includes performing on stage, finding your character & trick selection and more! Along the way Dan halo discusses how anyone can be creative and how to find inspiration. Most importantly Dan describes how certain periods of his life have been darker and more challenging and how he pulled himself through.

Dan has created magic his entire life, inventing some of the most well known and respected products released into the whole of the magic community. Have you heard of CardToon? It is widely acknowledged as the best selling magic trick ever! Dan hasn't shown a single sign of slowing down either. He has spent the last few years working alongside Penguin Magic and spent 5 years committing the Tarbell Series of books to video. 500 + hours of video later he completed the whole thing.

In addition to his career in magic, Dan also shares some hilarious stories including working with Scott Alexander, filming the Tarbell series and more. He has also recently fooled Penn and Teller with a trick they already knew! This interview is a MUST watch for anyone with even a passing interest in magic. Check out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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