Talk Magic With Damien O'Brien | Damien Speaks Out About BGT, Killer Magic, Fool Us & More

For our first Talk Magic of the week, Craig sits down and chats with the amazing Damien O'Brien. In this interview Damien talks about his career in depth. He talks about the highs and the lows and what he learnt along the way. He talks about the reasons for doing Britain's Got Talent as well as every other high profile show he has appeared on. Along the way Damien offers advice for magicians of all levels.

Talk Magic With Damien O'Brien | Damien Speaks Out About BGT, Killer Magic, Fool Us & More

Damien O'Brien has become a household name recently performing on shows like Penn & Teller's Fool Us, BGT (where he reached the final) and Killer Magic. However it hasn't all been plain sailing.

Damien was first introduced to magic at the age of 12 by a fellow magician , Damien picked up the craft after learning a few tricks. From there Damien took his unique skill set to the streets to perform for the unsuspecting public. Their reactions were unbelievable, sealing Damien’s fate as a professional magician.

He says: “There’s no better buzz than pulling off an amazing illusion right under someone. To watch their childlike wonder, there’s no other word to describe it but… magical.”

Honing his skills as both a showman and entertainer, Damien began gigging in local venues, until 2005, when an impromptu performance outside a London nightclub kick-started a chain of events that would catapult this young star into the big leagues.

Using his mystic arts and improvised style of magic, Damien managed to impress a certain club owner, so he would allow this talented young magician into his private party to wow his guest list of celebrities, reality TV stars and talent agents. Needless to say, Damien was a massive hit and was asked to become a regular fixture.

This spurred a domino effect within the showbiz party circuit, where Damien had free rein to showcase his abilities to some of the world’s most influential and famous celebrities. This is an incredible interview and you really don't want to miss it. Check out the full episode below and stay tuned to see it go live on the Talk Magic Podcast. 👇👇👇

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