Reviewing The Cube In The Bottle! | Magic Review Show With Craig & Ryland

Craig & Ryland returned with another brand new episode of Magic Reviews. Hosted by father & son, they look at the newest products released to the magic community and give you the honest truth. This week we reviewed four new products, including The Cube In The Bottle!

Reviewing The Cube In The Bottle! | Magic Review Show With Craig & Ryland

The first trick we reviewed was the one you've all been waiting for. Cube In The Bottle is pretty much self-explanatory for what the trick does. We've all seen Dynamo put a phone in a bottle but how amazing would it be to see a Rubik's Cube inside instead. This concept is so amazing that Craig gave it a 200% rating! That's never happened before.

The second trick is Split Focus by Gregory Wilson. The idea behind is a visually striking coin routine that looks like a Hollywood special effect, where three silver dollars appear and disappear over and over and over. It's a great trick that scored a 100% rating from both Craig & Ryland!

Magic trick number 3 is Princes's Card Trick by Mike Sullivan. This is a great gimmick perfect for Zoom and other live social media platforms. It can also be used for close up. Craig gave this trick a perfect rating while Ryland followed closely with a 90% score! For our fourth and final trick we looked at Rubik Wall by Bond Lee. Another brilliant Rubik's Cube that scored over 100% from both magicians!

And that's the recap of this week's Magic Review Show. We had a lot of great tricks this week and hope the next episode will feature even more amazing products released to the magic community. Check out the full review show below if you would like to hear the explanation of each trick. Don't forget to let us know your thoughts in the comments! 👇👇👇

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