Unhanded, Cube In Bottle Project, Cube Tube, N7 & To The Point | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review

The iconic team of The Motivational Magician & The Kid Magician returned this week with another brand new Magic Review Show. This week Craig & Ryland look Unhanded, Cube In Bottle Project, Cube Tube, N7 and To The Point. Every trick was examined, performed and given an honest rating.

Unhanded, Cube In Bottle Project, Cube Tube, N7 & To The Point | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review

The Magic Review Show is the perfect opportunity to hear first hand about the newest products released to the Magic Community. Craig & Ryland perform each routine, talk about it in detail and let you know if the routine is good or bad. If you like a product that neither magician liked or vice versa, that's not a problem. Be sure to share your own thoughts. Until then let's break down each routine.


The first product for this week's show is Unhanded by Jean-Pierre Vallarino. This has been designed to be the ultimate card control utility that will allow the performer to have full control of a playing card while the deck is within the hands of your spectator. Vanishing Inc. states, "They can cut or overhand shuffle however much they want. The card can even be signed. To make things even more difficult, they'll even put the cards back in the box to make sure the deck is "sleight of hand proof". Yet, thanks to "Unhanded", you will still have complete control of the card. Just kick back and toss your feet up while the hard work is handled for you. The card will always be under your control." It's a brilliant product that does what it describes and will allow you to perform unique routines for your audience. Craig loved this product, awarding it with 98%. Ryland was equally impressed, giving Unhanded 99%.

Cube In Bottle Project & Cube Tube

This next review is slightly different from Craig & Ryland's usual style. Here they simultaneously reviewed Cube In Bottle Project by Taylor Hughes & David Stryker and Cube Tube by Jon Allen. The reason for this is because one of the best ways to do Cube In Bottle Project is to use Cube Tube. Everyone has seen tricks involving putting objects inside a bottle. With the help of Taylor Hughes, David Stryker has released this new product to teach you how to make your very own Cube In Bottle Project, using them for two-jaw dropping effects.

As for Cube Tube, it has been designed to store & display your Rubik's Cubes. You will be able to store the cubes inside where it becomes a raised platform and cover for a single cube in any 'matching cubes' routine. You can even use the built-in feature to work with other tricks such as Rubicon and Venom Cube. The two products combined together will create incredible effects. While Craig believes Henry Harrius' version is better, Cube In Bottle is still an incredible product as is Cube Tube. Both Craig & Ryland loved these products, giving both of them 100% each.


N2G are back with the latest generation of their N coin series. Introducing N7. According to Vanishing Inc. ,"Two different-colored Chinese coins, one red and one black, are carefully examined by a participating couple. The coins then begin to attract each other like magnets and finally merge into one in their hands. "N7" from N2G helps transform a bit of coin magic into an unforgettable, emotion-fueled memory." N2G has released another amazing coin set once again. Craig is a big fan of coin sets and loved this one just as much as N6. As a result, Craig awarded N7 100%. Ryland followed up closely with 99%.

To The Point

The final product that has been reviewed this week is To The Point by Mark Lemon, released on Ellusionist. Everyone has heard of the famous tossed out deck in book form. To The Point takes this concept one step further by allowing the performer to do this close up as well as one on one. It is easy to learn, simple to perform, it can be performed on any number of people and much more. Craig & Ryland awarded this product 100% and 95% rating respectively.


That's all for this week's Magic Review Show. There are great tricks for this week's episode. You can watch the full episode below to see Craig & Ryland perform each trick as they explain it. Stay tuned for next week's show. If you like or dislike any of these products, let us know why in the comments.

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