Coin Box Magic - The Hows and Whys | Magic Stuff With Craig Petty

Yesterday on Thursday 25h of March at 9PM GMT, Craig returned with another brand new episode of Magic Stuff. In today's video, Craig talks about coin box magic. Along the way he compares the different types of coin boxes and talks about the differences between each one, along with the pros & cons of each different coin box.

Coin Box Magic - The Hows and Whys | Magic Stuff With Craig Petty

If you're a magician and have performed with coins you might have considered learning about coin box magic. But the problem with coin box magic is there is so much material published that you don't know how to choose. What's the best material to study? What's the best coin box to buy? So many options to choose from. That's why Craig is going to help by demonstrating coin boxes!

Craig performs a lot of different routines with coin boxes with an explanation as to how each routine works and where you can purchase them from. If you are passionate about coin magic or you want to start learning coin box magic soon, this is the perfect video waiting for you! Check out the full episode below and let us know what you think in the comments below! 👇👇👇

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