Talk Magic With Chris Cox | The Mind Reader Who Cannot Read Minds

We are back with another brand new episode of Talk Magic. In this brilliant new interview, Craig sits down with a self-proclaimed "mind reader who can't read minds." Sounds impossible, but you'll understand. This is a brilliant interview with the amazing Chris Cox.

Talk Magic With Chris Cox | The Mind Reader Who Cannot Read Minds

You might recognise Chris Cox from his CBBC show "Chris Cox's Mind Blowing Magic" as well as his title as "The Geek" on the award winning Killer Magic show on BBC. He stars in the touring stage show The Illusionists and in the West End in Impossible. As of now he is currently the only mind reader in history to ever play Broadway, London's West End and even the Sydney Opera House. As well as performing on TV & stage, Chris has a radio career where he was the writer and producer Matt Edmondson on BBC Radio 1; the assistant producer on The Chris Moyles Show.

The Guard have even gone on to describe Chris as "One of the most exciting entertainers in Britain." The Time Out magazine even went on to say Chris "does tricks that would make Jesus proud." This is without a doubt one of the best interviews we've done yet. We get to see Chris break down his entire career. He explains how he started out learning magic tricks to the weights of success he has reached now. For all you magicians, mentalists and performers out there, Chris has some wonderful advice he would like to share with you as well.

This is a masterclass interview on how to get ahead in the world of performing and theatre.  Chris talks and offers advice on many subjects including propels mentalism, character, performing socially distanced, networking, coping with nerves and more. You can find the full interview below as well as our podcast if you're on the move. Thanks for reading today's blog. Let us know what you think of Chris Cox in the comments below. 👇👇👇

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