Charge Card, Stamp, Sudoku 2.0 and Let's Go | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Craig and Ryland returned this week with another brand new episode of the Magic Review Show. Every week they take a look at the latest magic products released to the magic community and give you their thoughts. This week's products are Sudoku 2.0, Stamp, Let's Go and Charge Card.

Charge Card, Stamp, Sudoku 2.0 and Let's Go | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The best part about the Magic Review Show is we're not associated with any magic company. All the opinions are just their own. Craig and Ryland perform every trick they review, express their thoughts and give each product their own individual ratings. If they like it or hate it you will know. Let's take a look at the products.

The first product we looked at is Sudoku 2.0 by Miles Thornton and Alakazam Magic. This innocent looking Sudoku game card looks just like something you would receive in a magazine. Perfect to carry in your wallet for those on the spot performances. Sudoku 2.0 is a magic square but with a difference, there is zero memory work required and even if you have never performed a magic square before you will be doing this in minutes! Sudoku 2.0 comes with approximately 80 game cards and a special Out To Lunch Band to perform one of the routines featured on the tutorial video. Add Sudoku 2.0 to your wallet and always be ready to perform a super cool Magic Square! Craig gave this product at 98% rating with Ryland following up with 120%.

The second magic product is Stamp by Joe Deng. Imagine being able to squeeze a solid metal ball bearing into a freshly Minted Quarter. After the effect everything is examinable. A stunning piece of quality magic made of brass. Perform pure magic as you slowly squeeze a solid ball bearing flat into a pressed freshly minted US quarter! Everything is examinable at the end of the effect and they can even keep the quarter. The amazing precision machined mechanism is made out of solid brass and locks. The craftsmanship is of the highest order. Craig intends to use this within a few upcoming gives. He gave this trick a high 90% rating while Ryland gave it a 79%.

For our third product we got to review LET'S GO by Gustavo Raley. This is a new and original effect for your shows using superheroes images, in which the magician completes a Lego figure in a very magical way. A Lego figure is shown, with its torso and legs but without the head. The spectator picks between different character images of their heads. The magician says he knows which head they will pick, showing the back matches the character. As a great finale, with a little hit in the card, the figure explodes and the full character image appears. Craig and Ryland love this product and each gave it a 100% rating. If you perform for kid's shows, this is a routine we definitely recommend.

The fourth and final product for this week is Charge Card by Michael Webber and Penguin Magic. The concept is simple: You show the battery on your smartphone is low. You remove a “Charge Card.” It’s like a credit card with a circuit board on it. This card is set across your phone and they see a green charge line visibly grow across the charge card. Your phone is now fully charged. It's a brilliant and creative gimmick that Craig gave a 95% rating for with Ryland following up with a close 100%.

That's everything we have to review for this week's show. There were some great products and we can't wait to see what next week's show will bring. Check out the full Magic Review Show for this week and let us know what you think in the comments.


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